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What to do if your iPhone is stolen

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your iPhone If lost or stolen, there are several things you can do to protect your data and increase your chances of recovering your device. Here’s what to do if you lose your iPhone:

Losing the phone is the best thing for us. You may have accidentally left your phone or slipped out of your pocket while jogging. Whatever the reason, it can be stressful if you can’t find something as important as the iPhone.

Thanks to Apple’s privacy and security features, there are many options in case your iPhone is gone.

Find My iPhone with Find My

If you find that your iPhone is lost, immediately try to find your iPhone in the following ways. Find me.. If possible, do this even before creating a canvas with a particularly large area.

Not only does this reduce unnecessary searches, but it also allows you to find your phone before anyone else. Or, if someone else already has it, you can see where your iPhone is heading.

You can sign in and use “Find” iCloud You can use the Find My app on the web here or on another Apple device you own (such as an iPad or MacBook).

Mark your iPhone as lost

If “Find” is the best tool you have at your disposal, mark your iPhone as having lost its best features. Marking your iPhone as lost does a few things.

First, lock your iPhone with a passcode so that no one can access it.

Also disable Apple PayThis will prevent potential thieves from buying anything, even if they can guess the passcode.

Find My app to mark iPhone as lost from Mac OS

Find My app to mark iPhone as lost from Mac OS

This allows you to display a custom message with your contact number on the lock screen. This makes it much easier for good Samaritans to return their cell phones instead of randomly bringing them to the lost property office.

How to activate Mark as lost on iPhone

  1. Open Find me App on one of your Apple devices or by accessing your browser version of iCloud
  2. Tap device
  3. Tap the missing iPhone
  4. Scroll down and tap Marked as lost
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a custom message containing your contact information
  6. Tap activation

Submit a police report

It is advisable to call the police after the device is lost. This allows officers to monitor whether a lost phone has been diverted to a department. In addition, your carrier may request it by Apple for a replacement claim or for an AppleCare + claim.

You will need to contact the police responsible for the service of the location where you lost your iPhone. In our experience and reader sampling, what the police do afterwards when “Find my” information is presented is somewhat highlighted, depending on training and technical knowledge.

Allege theft and loss

If you have an Apple Care + plan that features theft and loss, you can apply to replace your iPhone with Apple.

Erase iPhone remotely

If you can’t find your iPhone in a reasonable amount of time, or if you can’t find your iPhone, or you can’t keep up with Find My, you need to erase your iPhone remotely.

Erase your iPhone will remove all information from your device. This includes media that has not been backed up to iCloud. However, it’s the best way to break into your iPhone and prevent your personal information from being accessed.

The good news is iOS 15 Later, you will be able to use Find My even after erasing your iPhone.

If the iPhone is running iOS 14 Previously, once erased, you wouldn’t be able to track it using FindMy.

If you have an active loss claim with your mobile operator or Apple Care +, do not erase your iPhone until your claim is fully approved.

How to Erase iPhone Remotely

  1. Open Find me App on one of your Apple devices or by accessing your browser version of iCloud
  2. Tap device
  3. Tap the missing iPhone
  4. Tap Erase this iPhone

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