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Watch out for new issues in Windows 11 KB5014019 update

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Trend Micro’s third-party antivirus has been reported to be unable to complete its virus scan, apparently due to some bug in Windows 11 KB5014019. The exact reason is not yet clear, but Trend Micro claims that this issue is related to user-mode hooking (UMH), a feature used in antivirus protection tools.

KB5014019 is an optional update and does not come with security features. For those who don’t know, the optional updates that Microsoft has designated as C updates are usually released in the 3rd or 4th week of each month.

Optional updates are clearly labeled as “Previews” on Windows Update and are used to test non-security fixes, improvements, and even new features. In this case, KB5014019 actually comes with some new features such as: Support for Windows Spotlight on the desktopA feature that was originally supposed to debut in version 22H2.

Microsoft has previously warned that optional updates should not be distributed to all client systems. Instead, an optional update gives users the opportunity to test non-security fixes that the company plans to ship in patches next Tuesday.

Problems with KB5014019 on Windows 11

As mentioned at the beginning, Trend Micro states that it is aware of the issue that updates can break features such as ransomware protection.

The KB5014019 bug affects the UMH components used by some Trend Micro endpoint and server protection products. It is also used for advanced ransomware protection, but after deploying the optional preview update, the driver stops working.

“”[Users who apply the patch] After rebooting, you’ll see Trend Micro’s UMH driver stop, “the company said. Said..

The company is working on a fix to address a bug that crashes ransomware protection and other features, and the fix will be published prior to the June 2022 patch Tuesday update.

Installation issues with the latest Windows 11 option updates

On Reddit and Feedback Hub, users Flagged Another issue where the option update fails the installation with an ambiguous error message.

For a few days after receiving the message “A cumulative update for Windows 11 for 2022-05×64-based systems (KB5014019) is available,” I said OK, but the system always says, “I can’t install this update.” It was, but you can try again (0x800f081f) “. Update KB5013943 was recently added and I got the same result. I repeated this procedure several times a day,” said one of the affected users. I am saying.

In addition, bugs affecting .NET Framework apps haven’t been completely fixed in patches and seem to potentially disrupt the functionality of certain apps such as SteelSeries GG.

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