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Want A Longer-Lasting iPhone Battery? Experts Say You Should Switch Off This Setting

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Who wouldn’t want a long-lasting iPhone? Given the amount of money you invest in your phone, we’ve taken as many steps as possible to extend battery life and keep it looking its best so it stands the test of time. Believe it or not, one way to accomplish this is to Disable specific settings.

“There is no connection between battery life and turning off the phone. appliance geek“Your battery will last longer with the right charging method. The bottom line is that switching between iPhones regularly won’t shorten battery life. Battery life depends on the apps you use and how often you use them.” battery life, you should disable this iPhone setting as soon as possible. ”

Dynamic backgrounds for iOS

The dynamic background feature might look cool by changing the background image behind the app icon, but it drains energy, said Kerr. “While they look great, these dynamic backgrounds consume more power than a simple static background image,” says Kerr. “To disable the dynamic background,[壁紙と明るさ]>[新しい壁紙を選択]>[静止画]Or select a background from your camera roll selection. ”

Boost and control your iPhone settings

Keeping your settings and applications under control is another way to extend your iPhone’s battery life. “Apps that are left open, unintentionally running in the background, or no longer needed drain your battery,” Kerr advised.

Leverage battery usage

With the latest iOS, iPhone users can manage their device’s battery life more accurately and accurately. “It shows you the exact percentage of battery life that each app uses,” says Kerr. “If your iPhone battery is acting up, try changing these settings and see if it makes a difference. Maybe not, but so are the settings you have enabled, and disabling just one or two settings can make a big difference in your phone’s quality and performance.”

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