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Trulioo launches end-to-end identity platform

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Identification Trulioo launched a new global identity platform for ‘personal’ and ‘business’ verification on Tuesday. Trulioo has sold multiple identity products in the past, each operating in its own silo. Their products and services, from personal and business verification, no code Building workflows, low-code integrations, and anti-fraud measures. The new platform combines all these solutions into a single contract that uses the platform to verify information, verify identity documents, prove addresses with utility data, deep business verification, and watchlist with continuous monitoring. For clients with access to screening.

“Our existing silo offerings have been well integrated into the new platform and our customers continue to APIsTrulioo Chief Product Officer Michael Ramsbacker said:

Trulioo currently serves payment services, cryptocurrency exchanges, e-commerce companies, banks or fintech clients. However, the new platform is aimed at large companies with a global presence.

Customers can use the platform in over 70 countries every day. “The new platform will allow our clients to leverage our expertise in areas such as how to conduct business verification in China and how to onboard regulatory compliance or individuals in Canada. is built in,” he said Ramsbacker.

Multiple integration options

Once a customer is onboarded to the Trulioo platform, you can build a workflow that takes the user through a series of steps such as collecting personally identifiable information and documenting evidence. Organizations can then deploy workflows using the platform’s low-code capabilities.

If your organization has its own user interface, you can integrate it with the Trulioo platform and workflows via API. The company says this will allow them to leverage all of their business logic within their workflows while preserving their organizational user interface.

As part of the new service, Trulioo is also launching the Trulioo Portal. Single sign-on Access to all validation services, no-code and low-code integration methods, auditable reports, and performance analytics.

This feature also includes on-device single-point keying that can be used to capture government-issued ID images and selfies to provide document verification capabilities.

Trulioo charges a consumption-based transaction fee from its customers for each transaction on its platform. All existing customers will have access to the new platform’s new features starting Tuesday, the company said.

Reduce multiple identity vendors

Identity verification is a difficult problem. Organizations want to onboard as many good users as possible and prevent as many bad users as possible. If you operate in multiple countries, you are dealing with numerous regulatory changes that vary from country to country.

“To manage this, customer organizations have to rely on between 5 and 25 different identity vendors offering a variety of point solutions,” Ramsbacker said.

The value proposition of Trulioo is the capabilities built into the platform that enable organizations to build workflows to manage onboarding, have anti-fraud procedures in place, and change workflows as regulations evolve. “The Trulioo platform reduces the number of vendors that organizations need to piece together,” he claims Ramsbacker.

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