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Tips on how and when to use the iPhone screen recording feature

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Q: Can you give an example of why you would use the iPhone screen recording feature?

A: Taking screenshots with your smartphone can be a very useful tool for many reasons, such as creating offline copies of airline electronic boarding passes or capturing error messages when you need help. It is

In the age of social media and games, the ability to record what you see on the screen along with the audio is equally useful.

Previously, iPhone users had to use a third-party app to accomplish this task, but starting with iOS 11, it’s now an option that you just need to enable.

Enable screen recording
To make this feature available,[設定]Go to Menu, tap Control Center,[画面録画]Scroll to Options. Tap the plus sign on the left to add it to the Control Center options.

To access this feature, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Control Center. Screen Recorder is at the bottom of the options and appears as a solid dot in a circle.

Using screen recording
Simply tap the record icon to start using this feature. A 3-second countdown will begin so you can navigate to what you want to record.

Once the video is saved in the Photos app, it can be edited, so it’s not so important to quickly transition to what you want to record.

While your screen is being recorded, you will see a red indicator in the top left corner with a recording icon or the current time. If you want to stop recording, tap the red indicator and then tap stop.

When finished, go to the Photos app, open Screen Recording, and in the top right corner[編集]to change the start and stop positions and make some other adjustments.

There is no limit on how long you can record your screen. Primarily based on available space on your iPhone, as it is treated like any other type of video file.

online video recording
A common use for screen recording is to capture videos that are not downloadable from social media or YouTube (if you are not a premium member), or live streaming events such as webinars.

In the game world, you can use screen recording to help other users navigate difficult sections or show off your skills.

how-to videos
Anyone looking to teach others can use screen recording to create a step-by-step instructional video showing every app opened, every tap, swipe and associated sound.

Whether you’re creating a training video or showing your family how to use a new app or service, screen recording can save a lot of time.

Nothing is more frustrating for both tech support personnel and users seeking help when a problem is about to be described verbally. Being able to record what you are going through and send it to your support person saves time and pain for everyone involved.

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