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This super-thin MagSafe power bank has a trick to keep your iPhone standing

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It was very far behind when it came to wireless charging, but Apple managed to beat the competition by adding something they already had a lot of experience with. Adding a magnet to the equation sounds almost trivial, but it’s a small change that makes the technology not only more convenient, but more flexible. There are dozens of magnetic wireless charging accessories that take advantage of this development, including Naturally, some designs stand out from the rest, especially when it comes to both looks and usability. It’s designed to stand upright so you can comfortably watch your favorite videos.

Designer: Eli Lan

Of course, power banks are old news, but they have always come with some inconvenience in exchange for portable batteries. Difficult to use. Others are in a case that surrounds the device, but in these cases it’s an all-or-nothing situation. Magnetic wireless charging has thankfully alleviated some of these problems, leaving plenty of room for innovation and creativity in design.

For example, this Strickers concept utilizes an ultra-thin power bank that attaches magnetically to the back of your phone (probably an iPhone). Current technology allows such a small pack to have a battery capacity of 10,000mAh, without adding bulk to the back of the phone. It might actually be thicker, but at least it doesn’t need to be stuck to the phone when not in use, unlike bulky battery cases.

But what makes the STRIKERS really special is the bendable sheet of silicone material that transforms your mobile bank into a smartphone stand. Most accessories of this kind use cumbersome rings or kickstands, but this design allows the stand to stay flat and out of the way when you don’t need it. uses magnets so the stand can be used both vertically and horizontally, breaking the mold of limited phone stands.

Despite this useful combination of features, the power bank remains visually simple. The shape of the power bank itself is like the mirror of the iPhone’s current design, but the silicone stand provides a better grip compared to not only contrasting materials, but also slippery glass or metal. The design also has plenty of room for different colorways to match the available iPhone options. Sadly this remains in the realm of ideas, but it’s a shining example of the kind of design that’s now possible thanks to the addition of a few little magnets.

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