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This iPhone 14 Pro is a cell phone and a Rolex at the same time and cost

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It’s hard to give in to the allure of money. Since ancient times, gold has been considered the finest luxury metal. Kings, emperors, royalty and religious figures alike, gold is one of the most reflective objects of economic power, as it represents not only its beauty and quality, but also its purchasing power, influence and, above all, luxury. .

Gold defines its purity in carats (K), its base is dissolved with other metals, and 24K is its pure form. When melted, they are blended to retain hardness and of course durability. 18K gold itself is made up of 18 separate castings containing 6 pieces of separate metals, and 14K gold is made up of 14 separate pieces of 10 separate metals. Importantly, the melted portion totals up to 24 carats. This is why we keep gold pure and use it to make personal items. jewelrySuch

Gemstones are excellent objects with the highest gold composition. From bracelets, chokers, rings and watches, jewelery is the finishing touch to an outfit, where discretion or luxury, elegance or flaunt gives a touch of individuality and defines style, class and attitude.

However, luxury is not always represented in gold. There are many valuables in the world that connote luxury…

In China, it used to be common for people to choose bags from famous European brands and expensive perfumes when they wanted to show off their flashy gifts or show off their high purchasing power, but the trend seems to be changing recently. Today, Apple has taken over the gift-giving preferences (and gifts to yourself), with the wealthiest Chinese deciding instead his iPhone, iPad, or Mac as a symbol of high economic and social status. I ditched the old way of doing it.

For some time, in record time, Apple has emerged as the quintessential luxury brand in the country, displacing more traditional brands in this kind of consideration. In a survey conducted among some 400 Chinese billionaires (aside from the contradiction that this could mean in a society that identifies as communist…), individual With a fortune of at least 10 million yuan (about 1.5 million euros), Apple ranked first among favorite luxury brands, followed by Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

In China, the domestic luxury market has slumped sharply and fashion is being bought abroad, with seven-tenths of the luxury purchases being made abroad, mostly in the United States or Europe. level is reached.

As we’ve been emphasizing for some time, China is becoming an important market target for Apple. Last fiscal quarter.

But what if the iPhone was upgraded to a more luxurious device?

of caviar The brand creates personalized luxury mobile phone accessories and iPhones. This time, Apple has launched the iPhone 14 Pro with a Rolex Daytona embedded in the back. The Caviar brand, known for manufacturing luxury mobile phone accessories and custom iPhones, has launched the extravagant iPhone 14 with a Rolex Daytona embedded in the back.

“The world’s best camera meets the world’s best movement,” says the Rolex-equipped iPhone 14 Pro introduction video. Caviar lets you choose between iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB storage.

According to Caviar’s official page, the 1 TB iPhone 14 Pro Max and Rolex Daytona could be yours for US$135,420. The phone is made with his 18K gold, PVD coating and is inspired by Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird his car that inspired the original Rolex Daytona. Caviar indicates that there are only 3 special phones.

Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, Caviar has announced a gorgeous iPhone 11 Pro device.

Of course, this is not the only breakthrough for caviar…

Last year, Caviar merged Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Tesla’s Cybertruck to create its own modified version, the “cyberphone.” The “Cyberphone” is a customized version of the iPhone 11 Pro that lacks the “luxury” elements like gold and diamonds, but has a design inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup model.

The phone comes with a full titanium “shell” body that the company claims is impossible to break. , with the option to fold it when you need to use the phone. The cover acts as a stand when you need to use your device on a table, for example.

Caviar has created a Tesla Cybertruck style modified iPhone 11 Pro. The device allows us to trace the deliberate geometry of lines, the simplicity of shapes and the versatility of materials. The smartphone’s titanium body is perfectly protected against external mechanical shocks. The back cover, sides and even the screen are hidden under a metal plate.

The body design is inspired by the shape of the Tesla Cybertruck. At the same time, the aesthetics are also improved. The precise lines create not only functionality but also a pleasing visual element. To date, Caviar has built 99 of his cyberphones. These devices came with 64 GB of internal memory based on the iPhone 11 Pro and sold for over $5,000.

Caviar shows that luxury cannot be achieved with money alone. A Russian company has proven that expensive devices and the combination of gold and precious stones can result in a more glamorous luxury allure. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

This article was written in collaboration with CAVIAR ROYAL GIFT

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