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There’s a good chance Android 14 will support a new file format

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Old school NTFS meeting new school Android

The format wars are almost over — no, it’s probably not what you think. Whenever possible, Android smartphone owners have used plugins external drive Move files for whatever reason. However, if your disk is not formatted as FAT32, you’re probably out of luck. Now, Google is helping to ensure Android’s return to tablets and other large form factors, which may connect to these difficult-to-format external drives. Part of that revival means getting over the NTFS hump.


back in juneWe covered the slow grind that Android 13 Pixel phones now support exFAT. Things got even more confusing because individual Android OEMs (but not Google) licensed support from Microsoft when Microsoft had validity for the format. The release of exFAT to the public domain initiated a series of developments that integrated support for the Linux kernel, downstream Android kernels, and subsequent device kernels.

NTFS, also a format pioneered by Microsoft, had a different story when it came to Linux support. However, we’re only very recent with NTFS read/write capabilities built into kernel version 5.15. Esper’s Mishaal Rahman reported on the Android 13 kernel based on that version, which appeared in August.

However, there were some major caveats that prevented us from enabling NTFS support in software updates or new devices in the near future. It was that I needed to update for. This is still under Google’s control.

The good news is, according to RahmanGoogle utility Fix common NTFS issues. This could indicate that the company is aggressively implementing more complete NTFS support, and not only applicable Android 13 devices, but future Android versions of devices will benefit from this. Possibilities are open. But if you have an Android 13 device, don’t get your hopes up too much. Google is the only OEM of his to do the work of hardening the Linux base of the device kernel. So if Google keeps up the pace, he could be able to support NTFS on all Android 14 devices.

If this sort of thing works, you may need to be aware of another file format. this is read onlyis what Android has been waiting for OEM participation.

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