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The Low-Key, Most Important Photos Feature You Need to Implement Right Now on Your iPhone « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

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Your iPhone has a powerful feature that allows you to keep your secrets hidden from others so you never share or show anyone anything embarrassing or incriminating. Don’t worry.

Whoever You Are, You May Use Your iPhone photograph Take photos and videos using stock, so many apps camera The app — and many other camera apps — land there. Also, chances are high that you have images or videos that you don’t want anyone to see.

Evidence of cheating or lying, poop photos for doctors, unedited or sexual selfies, screenshots of login credentials or tax documents, spy photos, saved nude sexts, etc. , which can be virtually anything.

Personalize your photos and videos when sharing albums with iCloud friends, texting groups of pictures, AirPlaying slideshows, or displaying the Photos widget on your Home and Lock screens. It’s easy to accidentally include one, so Apple includes a tool to protect you from that: Hidden Albums.it is around iOS 10 or laterreceived Great upgrade with iOS 14becomes, More secure with iOS 16.

There are useful photo features such as: New cutout tool, Batch image editing, video live text, visual lookupWhen geotagging edit, Hidden Album is one of the most important albums because it maintains the privacy and security of your most private moments.hell you can hide too all Photo content if required.

Hide photos and videos on iPhone

To hide photos and videos in the Photos app on your iPhone, open the app and tap the ellipsis (•••) icon at the top to[非表示]and from Actions[写真を非表示]or[ビデオを非表示]Choose. It shows.

You can also hide multiple photos and videos at once.[ライブラリ],[アルバム],or[検索]From the grid view of the tab, at the top[選択]select all the content you want to hide, tap the ellipsis (•••) icon in the bottom area, and tap[非表示]Choose.Then select “Hide” [#] Photos, Hide [#] Video” or “Hide [#] Select Item from the actions that appear.

find hidden albums on iphone

If the image or video is hidden,[アルバム]Hidden albums appear at the bottom of the tab. By default, you can see an album showing the number of photos and videos in the folder.

lock hidden albums on iphone

Anyone with access to your iPhone can find and view your hidden albums, so Apple included a new feature in iOS 16.0 and later, Lock folders behind biometricsWhen enabled, no one can break into your hidden albums unless they can crack your passcode.

To enable biometric protection,[設定]–>[写真]Go to[Face ID を使用]or[Touch ID を使用]Toggle the switch to on. Turning this switch on locks all recently deleted images and videos behind a biometric. you can’t quickly turn it off and snoop on your protected media.

[アルバム]Find the hidden albums at the bottom of the tab and give it a try. Once locked, the number of photos and videos in the album will not be displayed. Tap it, then use your face or fingerprint to bypass the lock and reveal secret content.

Face ID or Touch ID will fail if biometrics aren’t working at the time, or if someone has your iPhone and is trying to access your private media. Tapping “Try Face ID Again” or “Try Touch ID Again” will give you another shot, but it will default to “Enter Passcode”.

If you’re using a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, it’s not impossible to crack it and break in. So if someone manages to unlock his iPhone using the cracked passcode, they can also unlock the hidden photos and videos. . For added security, Consider using a longer passcode or alphanumeric.

Hide Hidden Albums on iPhone

If you’ve gone a step further in making your private photos and videos invisible, you can: Hide hidden albumsavailable on iOS 14 and later.[設定]–>[写真]Go to[非表示のアルバムを表示]Switch off. This will not remove hidden content. It just makes the folder invisible. Whenever you want to watch the secret media again, just go back to this menu and switch it back on first.

Unfortunately, anyone with access to an unlocked iPhone can find and enable the Show Hidden Album switch, so it’s important to also use the switch that enables biometrics. That way, unhiding the album won’t do much for anyone unless it’s you.

View hidden albums on other devices

Note that anything you hide in Hidden Albums will also be hidden on all other Apple devices as long as iCloud Photos is enabled. On your iPhone or iPad,[設定]–>[一般]–>[iCloud 写真]to make sure it’s enabled. On Mac, in the menu bar[写真]–>[設定]Go to[iCloud]select the tab[iCloud 写真]is turned on.

To view photos and videos on your iPad, use the same process as above. On Mac, in the sidebar[写真]under or in the menu bar[表示]–>[写真]–>[非表示]from[非表示]You can find albums.If you don’t see your albums, on the menu bar[表示]–>[非表示のフォト アルバムを表示]to unhide it.

The biometric switch doesn’t sync with other iCloud devices, so you’ll need to manually enable protection on each device. For iPad, use the same steps as above. On Mac, in the menu bar[写真]–>[設定]Go to[Touch ID またはパスワードを使用する]or[パスワードを使用する]Make sure the box is checked.

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