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The big problems with small Android phones

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Ryan Haynes / Android Authority

In case you miss it, Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky Bring home a small Android phone.. He has put together a website and has gone to the point where he begins collecting petition signatures. That is a big goal. As a small person, I like small phones that can be used with one hand. But Migicovsky’s wishlist depicts a picture of a smaller Android phone than ever before. It masks some pretty big problems that prevent you from getting your beloved little phone back.

Now I’m not going to sit here and break his wishlist apart. I want to see the phone bear fruit. However, it is important to think about why small phones are gone in the first place. After all, if the market really wanted them, don’t you think we still have some options?

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Big goals, small footprints

Google Pixel 4a screen 3 at hand

David Immel / Android Authority

Especially when it comes to smartphone design, everything comes at the expense. Each feature you add to your device will be offered at the expense of another feature. Samsung Galaxy S22 When Galaxy S22 Plus, And the battery suffered. The Galaxy S22’s 3,700mAh cell is the smallest since the Galaxy S10’s 3,400mAh, and Samsung wants more from its new flagship.

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The base Galaxy S10 supports 4G LTE and was happy to consume power from the cell, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Another kind of beast. In the name of power, we’ve repeatedly looked at how it affects battery life and device temperature. Migicovsky wants to pack the same powerful chipset (or other equivalent flagship) into a much smaller body. This means a smaller battery that is struggling to keep up with the same demands.

A small battery with a power-hungry chipset is the perfect recipe to disappoint, whether fast charging or not.

Yes, I’ve seen Apple push small iPhone batteries quite far, but even the iPhone SE and iPhone 13 Mini are overwhelming in the long run. They are almost perfectly optimized and push batteries under 2,500mAh to much larger Android cell lengths, but can’t get close to the life of a regular iPhone 13 or 13 Pro Max. Combining a small battery with a large power demand, I don’t know how this dream Android phone can be offered on Migicovsky’s wishlist.

I am our iPhone SE (2022) Review.. I drove an Apple little phone with a powerful chipset every day for enough time. As soon as I pressed “Publish”, my SIM turned off to something else, something else, and became more substantive. I liked the Touch ID sensor and the A15 Bionic chipset, but typing was a hassle on the 4.7-inch display. With any kind of streaming video, I felt like one of Honey’s parents. I shrunk the children.

However, there is no debate against the choice of camera on the wishlist. Combining the Pixel 5 with a wide, ultra-wide camera has already proven to be a good approach, and punched front cameras feel like a natural choice. (A single rear lens like the iPhone SE won’t cut it in 2022.) Of course, the processing will greatly help determine how effective the camera is, but expectations are once reasonable. I feel that.

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What is the market For real I want?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Promax, not so small phone

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

You and I can sit here and ask for an incredibly small Android phone, but the market said. People want overwhelmingly large phones, and the crowd of small phones is just a minority of voices.There is dozens our. Well, there are dozens or more, but it’s hard to discuss cold and difficult data.Samsung Research results It has listed a vast display among the customer’s top priorities. The vast language is not a word that gives a lot of hope to small phone enthusiasts.

Data doesn’t just draw a small Android phone in difficult light. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners group found that Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini sales accounted for only 3% of 2022 second-quarter purchases. This is the iPhone 13 Mini, which is basically an Android version of Migicovsky’s wish list.These disastrous sales numbers were enough for Apple to (probably) ax a small phone from the next launch. iPhone 14 lineupSo why are Android makers lined up to jump into that segment?

Apple’s small phone sales should be enough to keep any manufacturer away from the small phone project.

It’s hard to know how many 3% of iPhone sales are, but that must exceed Migicovsky’s 50,000 signing goals. Apple has moved millions of iPhone 13 units during the 2021 holiday season, so it’s hard to see some of them moving the needle to production. Remember — these 50,000 signatures are for those who are interested and there is no guarantee that they will buy the phone.

Beyond the difficult numbers, phone content is no longer optimized for small displays. High quality Netflix content does not have the same effect when streamed to the iPhone SE. Please trust. I tried. Mobile games require a large display and a large battery if you really want to stay in action for long periods of time. Small phones do not check either of these boxes.

Migicovsky also asks his dream little phone to run a stock Android with an unlockable boot loader out of the box. There’s no real problem with wanting Android in stock, but there’s a reason other OEMs aren’t using Android anymore.Samsung has added a lot of twists to Android One UI skin, Usually better.Google doesn’t even use its stock operating system, instead PixelUI above.

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A solution for a not-so-small phone

Google Pixel 5 2 using the phone from behind

David Immel / Android Authority

Accept everything that a really small Android smartphone will never be seen again in the sense of at least 5.4 inches. That’s not that bad. Instead, it’s time to accept that small phones aren’t that small anymore. The reduced bezel allows a large display to fit in a small body.

Do you guess the height difference between the 4.7-inch iPhone SE and the 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S22? It is about 8 mm. What is the difference in width? About 3 mm. There’s a little more gap between the Galaxy S22 and the Migicovsky’s precious iPhone 13 Mini (about 15mm high and 6mm wide), but the pockets won’t notice much of a difference. Incorporating a pint-sized Pixel 4a into a photo has the same result. Samsung’s small flagship is 2mm taller, 1mm wide and 0.6mm thinner than Google’s budget, but has a 0.3-inch larger display.

Small phones are great, at least as long as they redefine the limits of the word “small”.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve used the iPhone SE as a daily driver for several weeks. I also spent time with the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 5. I think both are “small” phones.I didn’t know my pocket that There are many differences between them, but my experience has certainly changed. The Pixel 5 was probably the most fun, despite the midrange processor and the Galaxy S22’s two cameras instead of three. Also, check most of Migikovsky’s boxes while drilling holes in some of Migikovsky’s other necessities.

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I sit here and don’t tell anyone to give up their dreams. As I said, I want to see this phone bear fruit. I would like to see how a small Android smartphone will last and not work as expected. It’s not impossible to overcome some of the biggest problems with small phones, but this project has a mountain like Everest. If it turns out to be a huge success, I shave my head. I heard it first here.

Interested in Eric Migicovsky’s small Android phone?

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