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Switch Online’s latest retro games are better than you think

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May 26th, Nintendo announced the addition Congolese caper, rival turf!When Pinball Access the NES / SNES library on Nintendo Switch Online. Fans’ reactions were similar to those after all of these announcements: overwhelming negativeness.

On twitterMost of the reactions to this announcement have complained about this new game lineup, Super Mario RPG And other missing classic titles Added, Nintendo claims to be lazy and not trying these new additions.

When you like classic titles Super Mario RPG: 7-star legend Please do not come to service with updates, any additions will be ignored immediately. While Nintendo’s approach to Nintendo Switch Online certainly has areas worth criticizing, this backlash raises important questions.

Saving pinball

In today’s game discourse, players are quick to judge and mock something very much if they are dissatisfied with one aspect of something. I see it on a daily basis with Switch Online updates, but the kneeling reaction overlooks some of the important saves the service is making.

PinballFor example, it may look like an outdated game at the moment, but this is Kirby Developer HAL Laboratory And Nintendo. The release helped strengthen the relationship between HAL Laboratory and the reputation of Nintendo and Satoru Iwata, the former president of Nintendo.

“Looking back, all the games we developed at the time contained big software ideas that we were confident about how our clients would do it,” Iwata recalled. Pinball In the early days of the development of Nintendo’s partnership, Ask Mr. Iwata Book.. “After we named something for ourselves, we were praised for our technical capabilities, which led to a steady flow of work.” Interview with a used game magazineIwata would even say that HAL used the NES Pinball Popular game engine Pokemon pinball game.

Not so poor as a game being dragged in as an addition to the weak Nintendo Switch Online.

Pinball, Congo caperWhen Rival Turf! It may not be an old-fashioned classic, but they are fun games that deserve to be preserved and remembered as much. Super Mario World Also The Legend of Zelda..in the meantime Pinball When Rival Turf! It was featured in a previous iteration of the virtual console, which is also noteworthy. Congo caper It has never been re-released. The same applies to the addition of other previously ridiculed Nintendo Switch Online. The Immortal, Fire’n Ice, Jelly Boy, Claymates, BombuzalWhen Night shade..

Fans are angry with Nintendo for not mentioning notable games in these Nintendo Switch Online updates, so the benefits of maintaining some of these NES and SNES games are completely ignored. Often. In reality, most of the most important NES and SNES games are already built into this subscription service, especially the former. It is inevitable that Nintendo will spotlight some of these lesser-known games on the service.

Hate players, not games

Some of the discourses about adding to Nintendo Switch Online are going in the wrong direction, but Nintendo is not liable. I complained about the problem Use past subscription services and libraries to verify that your current approach to re-releasing classics, triggered by the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U virtual consoles, is flawed. Updates to the NES and SNES libraries aren’t consistently scheduled, which can be frustrating if a new batch of games consists of small, ambiguous titles.On the other hand, some of the subscription games Notable technical issues Must be resolved after release.

Jelly Boy transforms into a skateboard with Jelly Boy from SNES on Nintendo Switch Online.

Some fans don’t like to choose an entire expensive subscription to play these classics, just paying for a particular title as they did. Virtual console.. Eventually, Nintendo created a library and release schedule environment for Nintendo Switch Online. This will quickly frustrate fans if the game isn’t a classic like never before. Not surprisingly, some fans will take a cautious approach to Nintendo Switch Online, as some games, especially the N64, are expected to have problems. Still, that anger should be directed at Nintendo itself, not the game.

Nintendo can do better with Nintendo Switch Online. Still, fans can also discover, evaluate, and preserve some of the more ambiguous SNES and NES gem memories that Nintendo has added.Instead of just complaining Pinball Also Congo caperTry the game yourself, and discover some hidden gems instead of complaining and calming down to play many of the latest games Super Mario World Re-released.

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