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Striking Purple Color Coming to All iPhone 14 Models

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New purple color options will be available for all iPhone 14 When iPhone 14 Pro According to the model later this year Recent rumors..

This claim comes from a post on the Chinese social media site Weibo by an unidentified source aimed at revealing all the color options for Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 Pro” models. ‌IPhone14‌ and ‌iPhone14‌Max are available in black, white, blue, red and purple, and ‌iPhone14Pro‌ and ‌iPhone14Pro‌Max are available in graphite, silver, gold and purple.

In recent years, Apple has offered eye-catching color options with more neutral tones at the time of the updated launch. iPhone model. The standard iPhone lineup usually has a relatively large number of color choices. For “professional” models, Apple typically offers a whole new single color at launch, in addition to the standard graphite or space gray, silver, and gold.for iPhone 11 Professional, iPhone 12 Professional, and iPhone 13 ProThis includes Midnight Green, Pacific Blue, and Sierra Blue, and this year it seems that Apple will continue its trend to offer a single outstanding color, Purple.

Unlike last year, it seems that the color of this heading is also set to be the standard “iPhone 14” lineup. In April of this year, Apple announced that the entire selection of non-Pro iPhones and Pro iPhones Green and Alpine Green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 ProTherefore, it is not unprecedented to provide parallel colors to both devices.

The purple options on both the ‌iPhone14‌ and ‌iPhone14Pro‌ are said to be a unique finish that shifts the tone based on lighting conditions. The purple options for ‌iPhone14‌ and ‌iPhone14Pro‌ seem plausible given the following: Introduced by Apple With purple ‌iPhone12‌ iPhone 12 mini With an update in the middle of the cycle last April Favorable reaction from customersAnd 24 inches iMac6th generation IPad miniAnd 5th generation iPad Air All are available in purple.

Is it believed that the distinctive purple finish has a positive kaleidoscopic effect that changes based on lighting conditions, or is it just behind the Sierra Blue of the iPhone 13 Pro, which looks different than other color options? It’s not clear if you’re using the technology in.This is Apple New manufacturing process dedicated to Sierra Blue It uses “applying a multi-layer of nanometer-scale metal-ceramic to the entire surface for a stunning and durable finish.”

Purple shades are a headline feature for new devices and could be central to the marketing of the iPhone 14 lineup, as other color options are quite similar to modern products.

The rumors got a lot of attention on Twitter, and that information seems to be reflected in other unconfirmed posts on Weibo. Nonetheless, the post is from a known and unproven source, and it’s not clear why it was deleted, so you should be skeptical at this point. For more information on ‌iPhone14‌ See detailed summary..

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