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Snap Photos on Your iPhone Hands-Free for Better Selfies, Group Shots, and Low-Light Pictures « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

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You can take a photo on your iPhone with just one tap or press, camera App hands-free for more impressive images. By doing so, you can take more detailed selfies, include the entire group in the frame, and get more stable results. Night mode — And that’s easy to achieve. Spoiler Note: Using “Hey Siri” is not enough.

It’s easy to snap a selfie with the front camera, but you’ll get better results with the rear camera. Both iPhone 11, 12, and 13 series models have 12 megapixels, but with a faster wide-angle lens on the back, it takes in more light, improves autofocus, and freezes the action better. .. Devices in the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro series also include lidar scanners that are even more useful for autofocus and night mode portraits.

There are several ways to set your iPhone’s rear camera to take pictures without touching your device. Shortcut App, Voice control, And external gadgets. You can also use these tips on the front lens if you can turn the camera over and help take better selfies.

Method 1: Voice control

To set your iPhone to take pictures using Voice control,[設定]–>[ユーザー補助]–>[音声コントロール]You need to go to and make sure it is turned on.

Activate Siri and say “Turn on voice control.. This is great because it can be done completely hands-free, for example if you’re setting up a shot away from your iPhone.

Another great feature you can use is accessibility shortcuts. Just assign voice control to it Triple-click the side button or home button Turns voice control on or off. To add accessibility shortcuts to the Control Center[設定]–>[コントロールセンター]Go to[ユーザー補助のショートカット]Tap the plus (+) button next to.

Set accessibility shortcuts (left) and add to Control Center (right).

With Voice Control listening, you can easily take pictures without touching your iPhone. As you may know, there are several ways to take pictures by hand with your iPhone. The most common way is to tap the shutter button on the screen, Volume key..

Instead of manually clicking the volume up or down buttons, you can ask VoiceControl to click in a few simple steps. Say “Open Camera” to open the camera app if it’s not already active, then say “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” to take a picture. (Note that if you have multiple camera apps installed on your iPhone, VoiceControl may open apps with the same name, such as: Camera +.. )

Voice control saves all the pictures taken in Photo App. You can shut down the feature when you’re done by saying “Turn off volume control” and then “Tap Confirm”. You can also say “Hey Siri, turn off Voice Control”.

Another great command that works is “Show Name”. It shows all the different things you can talk about in the camera app. Try tapping the flash to turn the flash on and off, tap the camera chooser to switch between the front and rear cameras, and tap Take Photo to use the shutter. Or, if you want to speak the number instead of the button name, say “Show Number”.

Use the volume command (left) to display the name (center) or number (right).

Once you’ve mastered the basics of taking pictures with Voice Control, you can try out more advanced commands. Say “zoom in” and “zoom out” to move closer or further away from the subject. Swipe up to see the camera controls. Swipe left and swipe right switch camera modes so you can take regular photos and portraits without reframing.

Find other commands In the custom control menu,[設定]–>[ユーザー補助]–>[音声コントロール]–>[コマンドのカスタマイズ]Open.

Method 2: Siri via shortcut

Another option is the Shortcuts app in combination with Siri. Open the shortcut and[ギャラリー]Tap the tab. Search for “Say Cheese” and tap the plus (+) icon to add it to the list of shortcuts. From now on, every time I say “Hey Siri, say cheese”, the iPhone will take a picture with the rear camera. You need to do it once to approve the required permission request, such as saving to a photo album.

Please note that the shortcut uses only wide-angle lenses and is only used in standard photo mode without direct adjustment in the camera app. So you can use the camera app to frame your shots, but don’t worry about telephoto lenses or manual adjustments. Technically, you can use “Hey Siri, Say Cheese” no matter which app you’re using, and the camera will snap your photos.

If you want to use a different trigger, go to the Shortcuts app[My Shortcuts]Go to, tap the shortcut ellipsis (•••), and then change to the trigger word or phrase that uses the name. Close the editor and save your changes.

If you want to set the shortcut manually, do the following:

  1. Open the shortcut app.
  2. Tap the plus (+) up.
  3. Insert a shortcut name such as “Take a picture”.
  4. Tap Add Action or the search bar.
  5. Find and select “Take a picture”.
  6. Tap the arrow next to “Camera” in the action box.
  7. [カメラプレビューを表示]Turn off.
  8. From the suggestions at the end of the workflow[フォトアルバムに保存]Tap. If you don’t see it, repeat step 4, then find and select an action.
  9. If you want to change the album where the image is stored, tap “Recent” in that action.
  10. Tap the (X) at the top to exit the editor and save the shortcut.
  11. Say “Hey Siri, take a picture” and the shortcut will be executed.

Method 3: Other options available

There are many other ways to take pictures without touching your iPhone. Be creative, explore different gadgets that offer options, and use other built-in features of your iPhone.

  • The timer Works fine if you have tripod Or the perfect place to set up your iPhone. You can enable it from the camera control of the camera app. If you don’t see the camera controls, tap the arrow at the top or swipe up on the screen. Select 3 seconds or 10 seconds.
  • The Apple watch Comes with Camera remote appCan be used to take pictures with the connected iPhone and adjust the photo settings.
  • Can also be used by wire headphone The iPhone has a physical volume button (AirPods won’t work) for taking pictures. You can use the volume button on your iPhone instead of the shutter, so you can do the same with headphones. When the camera app appears, press the volume up or volume down button on the headphone control to take a picture.

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