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Save up to 20% on Intel-powered TerraMaster NAS devices

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TerraMaster makes some of the more affordable network-attached storage (NAS) enclosures that typically outperform many of its competitors. This doesn’t stop the company from discounting his NAS catalog for promotions like: black fridayYou can find up to 20% off the company’s more powerful Intel-powered enclosures. We’ve rounded up the best here.


Terramaster F4-421

If you don’t need all the performance and features the TerraMaster F4-423 offers, you can save some money and buy its slightly less capable sibling, the TerraMaster F4-421. This NAS also has 4 drive bays, an Intel processor, and an expandable 4 GB of RAM. However, it has a slow network port, no HDMI output, and other omissions.

Terramaster F4-421

Rocking four drive bays, the TerraMaster F4-421 outperforms its weight thanks to an Intel processor. Combine this with upgradable RAM, two 1Gb LAN connections, and a compatible OS, and you have a great NAS.

Terramaster F2-210

If you don’t need that much horsepower to run your own media streaming service, the TerraMaster F2-210 might be a better choice. This enclosure is slightly less capable than his aforementioned F4-423, but it’s also more affordable (especially for this deal). It has a Realtek RTD1296 ARM processor, but it doesn’t quite match the performance of the Intel Celeron series, especially with his 4K transcoding.

However, you can’t miss the F2-210 as it comes with 2 drive bays, 1 GB of RAM and a 1 Gb LAN port. It may not sound like a great match for a Realtek CPU, but if you just want a place to dump your files and backups, this is a great affordable NAS of his.


Terramaster F2-210

Powered by a Realtek ARM processor, the TerraMaster F2-210 won’t win awards for performance, but it wasn’t designed for that. This is his affordable entry-level NAS that has everything you need to get up and running.

Terramaster F5-422

NAS like TerraMaster F5-422 are designed with big data applications in mind. This is one extended NAS. We’re talking about his 5 drive bays with a maximum officially supported capacity of 100TB. All this is made possible thanks to a powerful Intel Celeron J3455 capable of handling 5 spinning disks and his 10Gb LAN port for connecting numerous devices.

It’s a more basic model in that it doesn’t have a single M.2 slot for cache and you can’t (officially) upgrade your RAM beyond 6GB, but it’s a value-centric model that needs to store tons of data securely. Perfect for deployment. .


Terramaster F5-422

TerraMaster’s F5-422 is truly a NAS enclosure. It features 4 GB of upgradeable RAM, an Intel processor, 5 drive bays, 10 Gb network connectivity, and support for many popular NAS apps.

Terramaster D5-300C

I’m migrating to a TerraMaster external drive enclosure. Because they are Direct Attached Storage (DAS), they don’t run an operating system, they don’t have processors like the Intel Celeron J3355, and they can’t run your favorite TerraMaster apps. A DAS like the TerraMaster D5-300C is designed for applications where a full-featured NAS would be overkill.

If all you really need is a way to store large amounts of data that a single external drive won’t work for, a DAS like this unit is a better solution. The D5-300C has five drive bays, supports hybrid RAID with only a few disks, can connect to devices via USB-C, and can install up to five 20TB drives for capacities up to 100TB can do.


Terramaster D5-300C

TerraMaster D5-300C with 5 drive bays is DAS. That is, it does not have an OS or features like a “smart” NAS. Basic and affordable, all you need is a USB connection.

Terramaster D4-300

The TerraMaster D4-300 is a little more basic than the D5-300C, and although it doesn’t allow combined RAID across disks, it has four drive bays for a total capacity of up to 80TB. It also shares the same single USB-C connection for connecting PCs running almost any OS.

The D4-300 is a more basic DS solution, but it outperforms external drives with RAID support, cooling fans, and a two-year warranty. Backing up your data is cheaper with this capable companion.


Terramaster D4-300

Connecting to your PC via a single USB connection, TerraMaster D4-300 is a budget-friendly external storage enclosure. Replace your aging external drive with this much better solution.

Choosing the right NAS for your needs can be a little tricky. Do you go with a full-featured NAS or a more basic DAS unit? It all depends on what you actually need from the attached storage. A DAS like the TerraMaster D5-300C or D4-300 is a better choice if you are only going to leave it for a few days.

But if you’re ready to jump down the rabbit hole, TerraMaster has great NAS like the TerraMaster F4-423 available this Black Friday to create your own home security system, home media streaming service, and more. You will need several drives to fill these diskless enclosures. best nas drives Now on sale.

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