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Samsung Galaxy A53 vs. Google Pixel 6a: Which deserves your $450?

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After a frequent cycle of leaks, we are no longer in the dark Pixel 6a, Google’s Upcoming Midrange Phone: At an I / O conference this spring, the company revealed that the phone will go on sale for $ 449 in July.It makes it compete directly with Samsung’s Galaxy A53, Will cost the same (well, $ 1 more). A53 is Best budget phone You can buy it today, but a lot is happening with the Pixel 6a. Do you think you will enter the new midranger market this summer? Read on to see which one better meets your needs.

phone Samsung Galaxy A53 Google Pixel 6a
Chipset Samsung Exynos 1280 Google Tensor
sheep 6GB 6GB
Storage 128GB 128GB
screen 6.5 “1080p OLED, 120Hz 6.1 “1080p OLED, 60Hz
battery Wired charging up to 5,000mAh, up to 25W Wired charging of 4,410mAh, up to 18W
Rear camera 64MP f / 1.8 primary; 12MP f / 2.2 ultra wide; 5MP f / 2.4 macro; 5MP f / 2.4 depth 12.2MP f / 1.7 primary; 12MP f / 2.2 ultra wide
Front camera 32MP f / 2.2 8MP f / 2.0
Connectivity 5G, maximum Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth v5.1, NFC 5G, maximum Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth v5.2, NFC
size 159.6 x 74.8 x 8.1mm, 189g 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm, 178g
software One UI4.1 / Android 12 Android 12
colour Wonderful black Sage, chalk, charcoal
price $ 450 $ 449

Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Updates

Both the Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 promise excellent updates for mid-range handsets. Both are guaranteed to get security updates for 5 years from the date of release. Samsung phones are also guaranteed four annual OS updates. Google hasn’t said what the Pixel 6a will be, but Pixel 6 When Pixel 6 Pro Each will get three. Therefore, 6a could be the same. In that case, Samsung will be the winner here.

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Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Display

All Samsung midrange phones have a better display than the cost of the device, and the A53 is no exception. It features a vibrant 1080p OLED panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz. I haven’t actually seen the Pixel 6a’s screen yet, but I know it’s also a 1080p OLED display. However, the refresh rate is low, 60Hz. You can display half the number of static frames per second (60 to 120 for A53). In other words, the motion doesn’t look smooth on the Pixel.

Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Performance and Connectivity

The performance of the Galaxy A53’s Exynos chipset is fine for mid-range phones. It stutters here and there, but it’s generally a smooth voyage unless you’re doing something particularly focused. The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, uses the same Google-branded Tensor chipset as the 6 and 6 Pro.These phones don’t offer best-in-class performance, but they can catch up with Snapdragon 888-powered devices — and that kind of husband Somehow incredible on a $ 450 phone.

Both phones support 5G. The Galaxy A53 works with both Sub 6 and ultra-fast mmWave, but the Pixel 6a isn’t too cut and dry. The unlocked version, which sells for $ 449, supports the regular older Sub 65G. Only Verizon brand variants support mmWave for an additional $ 50. It’s a bit annoying, but mmWave is still limited in both functionality and availability, so it’s irrelevant to most people.

Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Camera

Source: Google

Prior to its official announcement, I was optimistic that the Pixel 6a would have a significant camera upgrade over the 5a. It turned out not: it has the same 12 megapixel primary camera sensor. However, Google has been using the sensor for a long time and can get some great photos that can compete with its flagship products these days. The ultra-wide camera has a new sensor, but I’m still not sure how it works.

The Galaxy A53 has a higher resolution main camera (over 50 megapixels!) And more cameras overall, thanks to the spec sheet padding macro and depth shooter, but the phone is pretty average for midrange devices. Take a nice photo. Based on Google’s previous experience with the camera hardware used in the 6a, the Pixel is expected to offer a much better photographic experience than the A53.

Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Battery life and charging speed


The Samsung Galaxy A53 has a much larger battery than the Pixel 6a at 5,000mA hours. Google’s new mobile phones can only hold 4,410. The A53 has excellent battery life and can be easily charged for 48 hours with light use. We still don’t know how the 6a stack, but be aware that the small display and slow refresh rate alleviate some of the size mismatches.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 charges up to 25 watts with a compatible USB-C charger. The Pixel 6a can reach 18 watts. Neither supports wireless charging.

Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a: Price and Stock Status

Samsung Galaxy A53 is now available and unlocked Directly from Samsung,and Verizon, AT & T, T-mobile, US Cellular, Others are $ 450. The Pixel 6a will be available on July 28th and can be pre-ordered a week in advance. Google sells it directly for $ 449, and Verizon offers a $ 499 version that supports mmWave. Perhaps it’s also available from Google Fi and, in some cases, other carriers.

While Samsung phones are available in a wide range of markets, the Pixel 6a is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This is a significant improvement over the Pixel 5a, which was only available in the US and Japan.

Samsung Galaxy A53

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Google Pixel 6a

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