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Researchers unveil system that enables users to feel touch at a distance • NFCW

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Feel Tech: Researchers expect the system to be used in healthcare, sports, education and e-commerce

Japanese researchers unveil a system that allows users to transmit bodily sensations and tactile information between devices, enabling contactless augmented interactions in a variety of use cases including healthcare, sports, education and e-commerce can be

The Feel Tech Human Augmentation Platform was developed by a Japanese mobile network operator. NTT DoCoMo,Keio University embodied media project and Nagoya Institute of Technology tactile laboratory “It will allow us to share sensations that were previously difficult to convey through images, sounds, text and words alone,” the researchers say.

“For this reason, it is expected to be put into practical use in fields that rely on human senses, such as medicine and art.

“It also allows shoppers on e-commerce sites to use it to experience the nuanced feel of clothing fabrics in a rich experience not possible with other advanced technologies such as 3D or augmented reality. .”

The system allows devices that detect a person’s sensory state to share tactile sensations “quantified in terms of human contact vibrations measured with devices resembling piezoelectric sensors” with other devices connected to the platform. and reproduce those vibrations on other devices. user.

“Haptics and corresponding video images are shared from one person to another (“target”). To achieve critical synchronization of shared haptic and video data, the platform is expected to take full advantage of the ultra-low latency offered by his upcoming 6G mobile network.” researchers explain.

“Furthermore, the platform can record the presenter’s haptics and share them with the target over time.

“For example, amateur craftsmen can use the system to grasp the subtleties of skilled craftsmen, and individuals can use it to tactilely recall sensations. [that] experienced in their youth.

NTT DoCoMo introduces Feel Tech system open house 23 February 2nd and MWC Barcelona February 27th.

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