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Razer Blade 16 and 18 go to pre-order

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update: It looks like the RTX 4090 based version is currently out of stock.

Despite the new Samsung Galaxy laptops that just dropped, Razer is promoting the new Blade 16 and 18 with:still the best“Comparing its 13-inch or 17-inch siblings, it looks lighter than the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360. OEMs are praising the new and biggest member of the series, saying:”The most powerful laptop we’ve ever made“.

For those looking for something a little less flashy, there’s a 16 based on the same Intel Core i9-13950HX processor with pretty much the same GPU choice. In that regard, it will be available in the US in formats featuring RTX 4080 and 4090, followed by 4060 or 4070 in other options (this availability may vary by region).

Therefore, blade 16 is US$3,599 With QHD+/240Hz screen option. Blade 18, on the other hand, is available with the same display specs. $3,799 $4,499 for the 4080 or (be careful) the 4090 for $4,499.

Again, Razer points out that its own 4060 and 4070-powered replacements are on the way. This is his 32GB version on release date, similar to his SKU with 64GB of RAM.

These first 16 and 18 products are available from our first party listing. The gift of a free Razer skin (more or less similar to Dbrand’s Damascus vinyl), apparently valued at US$69.99, is exclusive to those who pre-order these distinctive new Blades while supplies last. .

On the other hand, the Ryzen 9 6900HX based 14 still available there.

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