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‘Premium’ Nothing Phone (2) to Launch in the US Later This Year, Says CEO

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there is nothing telephone (1) There was no official US release Released in July 2022but that’s set to change with the second version of the company’s popular transparent Android handset, according to CEO and co-founder Carl Pei.

talk reversePei said the UK-based company will make the US market a top priority for the phone (2), which is set to be released later this year.

“We’re building a smartphone that’s more premium than the Nothing Phone (1), and software will be a big focus for us,” Pei said. “When you make a smartphone for the U.S., you have to work with your carrier to get it certified and adapt some of its features to the OS. increase.”

There are no more than 1 million products worldwide. ear (1) earphone It sold 600,000 units and the phone (1) reached 500,000 shipments. Pei said about a third of the company’s earbuds (1) sales came from the United States, and by not launching its next phone in the United States, it would “take one-third of its sales volume to the table.” It may have been left behind,” he said.

Ah Recent IDC Reports Year-over-year smartphone shipments saw their biggest year-on-year decline during the holiday season, with supply chain constraints and inflation playing a major role, but Nothing’s CEO blamed a lack of innovation. thinking about.

According to Pei, the company’s research found that “[U.S.] Consumers are generally very bored and apathetic [with existing phones]’ and ‘People aren’t going to the store more and more to check out new phones.’

“From a business point of view, [Apple and Samsung] Don’t try to be very niche and try something completely different as it may alienate your current users. That’s where small companies like us can come in and try to do something different. It’s not that we’re smart or they can’t, but it doesn’t make sense for them to do it. “

Pei believes the Nothing’s hardware design is the main reason. iphone Users “switch to Android through our brand”.But as iOS becomes more and more dominant in the US, Pei Admitted It won’t be easy for his company to compete with Apple.

Nonetheless, Nothing’s mobile team grew from five engineers to nearly 100 in a year, and the CEO now believes the company’s software innovations will eventually catch up with hardware. “It’s going to take some time. It’s going to be a step-by-step process, so I’m not going to see the whole vision unfold right away.”

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