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Paper Names Dozens Under Surveillance

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The list of politicians under surveillance includes Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias. Credits: Credits: r. Niall Bradshaw/flicker

eavesdropping scandal Greece The newspaper took on a new dimension on Sunday after it released a list of 33 politicians, businessmen and journalists allegedly under surveillance by the country’s intelligence services.

newspaper documentation has published a list of names whose phones have been infiltrated by Israeli-made Predator spyware.

The list includes Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, former Conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, former minister in both socialist and conservative governments Michalis Chrysokoidis, Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis and his wife, Former Syriza government spokeswomen and ministers Olga Gerovasiri and Alexis Papachelas included. , editor-in-chief of the Casimerini newspaper.

Some of the names of politicians are the newspaper’s claims were under scrutiny:

wiretapping scandal greece
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documentation Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he was responsible for oversight.

“Anything published in newspapers must be thoroughly investigated by the competent authorities, especially by the Greek judiciary,” government spokesman Dimitris Oikonomou said in a statement on Saturday. There’s a lot,[but]the evidence is lacking,” he added.

Most of those on the list published by documentation They say they are not aware of cell phone fraud.

Wiretapping scandal in Greece uncovered in July

A wiretapping scandal in Greece erupted in July. Greek Socialist Leader Nikos Androulakis Files Complaint I reported to the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office that I used Predator spyware to wiretap his cell phone.

The leader of PASOK-Movement for Change scanned his mobile phone in June through a special European parliamentary service. A scan revealed suspicious links and granted the hacker full and continuous access to his mobile device, including passwords, photos and contact folders. , web browsing history, text his messages, voicemails and more.

“It is not a personal matter to reveal who is behind such bad practices and on whose behalf they are acting,” Androulakis said. “It is my democratic duty.” is.”

The government has not disclosed why Androulakis was targeted. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has confirmed that Andororakis was under state surveillance (but not the Predator).

of The European Parliament also launched an inquiry to the wiretapping scandal that rocked Greece. This week, the European Parliament’s Commission of Inquiry Pegasus and Equivalent Surveillance Spyware (PEGA)met in Athens.

Commission chair Jeroen Lenaers said it had found no clear evidence of the use of illegal spy software by Greek authorities, but Greece was forced to take steps to thoroughly investigate complaints that referred to Pegasus and other illegal software. He added that more needs to be done.

“While we did not find any clear evidence of corruption or authoritarian practices such as those witnessed in Poland and reportedly occurring in Hungary, more efforts need to be made to ensure transparency. says Lenaers.

‘t Veld rapporteur Sophie was more critical, saying, “You may leave with more questions than you arrived with.”

As she revealed, “journalists are feeling unsafe when writing about important topics, data protection agencies that are supposedly independent are under pressure, national security I’ve heard worrying reports that it’s being used as a blanket justification for

“Spyware companies appear to form a web of dark ties that may extend to public authorities. EU legislation on beneficial owner registration is designed to reveal such information. but.”

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