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Novelist and NJ construction worker Bud Smith wrote book on his iPhone

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Bad Smith, a construction worker in New Jersey, has daily coffee and lunch breaks. So he can enter ideas that swirl in his head every 15 to 30 minutes.

That’s how 40-year-old Smith began writing his novels.teenager, “(Vintage Book) Bonnie and Clyde-inspired teenage love story — he wrote on his iPhone while sitting primarily on his work truck, the Chevrolet Silverard 2500. I’m sitting a little longer and writing to get out of the parking lot, “he said.

The first draft of all his stories was born through this process. “In general, I’m always working on something, so I use the phone, which is the best tool I have. It’s all about using everything I have.”

The residents of Jersey City have been involved in heavy construction since their early twenties, but writing is his lifelong passion.

“I’m from a family where everyone has some kind of art project. My parents are also blue-collar people, but they’re always working on something at night. Even just arts and crafts. “He told the post. “I followed the same path and started writing about little punk rock.”

In his next novel, he chases Kodi and Terra on their journey across the United States, pursuing a distorted American dream and fleeing an abusive family life. A witty story of teenage love and self-discovery, accompanied by an original illustration by his wife Ray Breri.

“It was great to work with this book. It was like a home craft project,” he recalled. “We had to work on it during the pandemic, and it just got over the worst days of it.”

The author, Bad Smith, uses the iPhone to write books.

“There was no other book like this,” Smith said. “I like books to balance dark subjects with ups and downs. It’s touching, but at the same time really miserable.”

Smith is also the author of the novel “Double Bird” When “Dust Bunny City.. “Teenager” is his first book featured by a major publisher and he wants to see how it is received.

Meanwhile, his construction colleagues are rooting for him. “I’ve known some of these guys for 15 years and they’ve always known me as a writer. Now they’re all excited to see where this book goes.”

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