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Niagara Launcher Pro decouples from Google Play, now on all Android phones

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Niagara is going global, reducing reliance on the Google Play Store in the process

Niagara Launcher may not be as popular as Nova, but it still ranks high on our list. best android launcher With its minimalist approach and quality ergonomics, Best launcher for tall and foldable phonesEven better, the team behind the app continues to update it regularly with new features and enhancements. Huawei devices and Android phones that ship without Google Play Services will be able to purchase apps. The move also benefits his millions of Android users in China.


To make this happen, the team came up with the Niagara ID, which acts as a link to purchase Niagara Pros. Additionally, the weather widget in the launcher is now tied to your ID instead of your Google Play license. Going forward, Niagara will use passwordless accounts to store his backups in the encrypted cloud and provide other features.

If you already have the paid version of the launcher from the Play Store, you don’t need to do anything to link your purchase to your account. Once your purchase is confirmed, you will be automatically logged into your Niagara Account.According to the Niagara team, the entire buying process was Only works on devices without Google Play Services.

Niagara Identity

In addition to this significant licensing change, the latest release of the Niagara Launcher includes search gesture bug fixes, automated troubleshooting, better positioning of popups on large screen devices, per-app language support for Android 13, and more. , which includes several quality-of-life enhancements. The /web-search secret command allows you to beta test web search suggestions from Google or DuckDuckGo from App Search.

Finally, the Niagara team has increased the price of the Pro version of the launcher from December 1, 2022, requiring new customers to pay $10/€10 each year. Prices are based on the region, so if you live in India, you only pay Rs. 120 people each year. Existing customers will continue to enjoy their Pro subscription at the existing price.

The latest Niagara Launcher release is available as a beta release. Download hereComing to the Play Store in about two weeks.

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