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NFL will launch a paid streaming service

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Pigs get fat. Pigs are slaughtered. The NFL continues to test the following warnings Mark Cuban offered in 2014..

Ben Fisher Sports Business Journal The NFL reports that it will launch its own streaming service. It’s called the NFL Plus.

The league plans to sell the service for about $ 5 a month, which is subject to change.

According to Fisher, the service focuses on providing access to live games on mobile phones and tablets.

However, it is not a Sunday ticket. Fans are limited to games that can be watched on local TV. Previously, Yahoo and some mobile operators made these games available for streaming purposes.

Other content in the NFL Plus may include “radio, podcasts, and other content created by the team” via Fischer.

The challenge is to pay $ 5 a month to access games available to users through current TV deployments such as rabbit ears, cables, satellites, and streaming services. If you can watch the games you watch on TV through other resources, why pay for direct access from the NFL? And for the other content of the NFL’s internal services, frankly, there’s a lot of free content, so there’s no reason to pay for what’s created, such as radios and podcasts. In particular, everything created by the league and its team incorporates a prejudice consisting of excessive cheerleaders and careful attention to issues that can make the big shield and the franchises behind it look bad. I am.

Nine years ago, the NFL launched a free streaming service called the NFN Low. It’s obviously still around, but it didn’t really develop a lot of traction. Now, when people are already spending $ 5 here, $ 10 there, and $ 15 over there for truly unique content, why pay $ 5 a month for games available on TV and, at best, duplicate content? Is it? Content that you can get anywhere for zero dollars a month?

I’m not saying that football fans shouldn’t buy it. I’m wondering why this happens.

I also think that pigs are finally becoming full-fledged pigs, as the league is only two years away from the implosion predicted by Cuba 10 years from now.

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