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More of the best early Black Friday Samsung Deals 2022

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Held on November 25th, Black Friday 2022 is underway and many early bird discounts are already showing up. Expect to see more deals and discounts on various tech and gaming items from various brands and retailers.

One major manufacturer excited to track down during Black Friday is Samsung. They are responsible for a huge number of TVs, monitors, SSDs, SD cards, phones and audio products. Here at Jelly Deals, Best Samsung Early Bird Discounts for Black Friday You can find them all the way up to Black Friday.

To keep track of all Samsung Black Friday deals, bookmark this page and Jelly Deals Twitter account.

Today’s Best Early Black Friday Samsung Deals

So far, we’ve seen pretty good discounts on TVs and monitors, SD cards and SSDs, and earbuds. See what’s on offer below.



Samsung Early Black Friday TV Deals 2022

Samsung has a lot of great TV options. Neocred The range is the most popular and you can usually find the best discounts. 4K is best.

In the UK, you can find Samsung TV Black Friday deals at:

US shoppers can look for Black Friday deals on Samsung TVs from the US.

Samsung Early Black Friday Monitor Deals

If you’re not looking for a full-size TV and just need something smaller to play games or stream shows and movies, Samsung is a great choice for PC and console users. We make monitors. One of Samsung’s best line of monitors is the Odyssey series with the G5, G7 and G9, which are among the best gaming monitors to look out for during Black Friday.

Last year, Samsung’s G9 Odyssey gaming monitor was a whopping 49 inches. $500 off in US Samsung store Under $1,000. There were also discounts on the smaller G5 and G7 models. Expect big discounts during Black Friday as well.

In the UK, Samsung monitors will be sold at:

In the US, deals may appear in:

Samsung Early Black Friday SSD, SD Card, and Other Storage Deals

Samsung also offers great computer storage options and SD cards to help keep all your games, apps, media, and more on your PC or handheld console. With regular sales on SSDs and SD cards at various retailers, Black Friday is a great time to buy storage at deep discounts.

For SSD, Samsung’s two best 870 EVO SATA SSDsand the 980 Pro NVMe SSD It can be inserted directly into your PC’s motherboard, or your PS5’s motherboard. These are great options to increase storage and improve load times, and are worth keeping an eye on during Black Friday. Look for these discounts on Amazon and CCL Computers in the UK and Amazon US.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck user, you’ll be watching intently. Micro SD card To bolster the console’s storage instead, Samsung has responded with its EVO Plus and Select lines, which offer 32GB to 1TB of storage and speeds up to 130MB/s. Again, be sure to check Amazon in both the US and UK and Samsung’s official store for Black Friday discounts on Samsung SD cards.

Samsung Early Black Friday Smartphone and Tablet Deals

If you’re looking for a non-Apple phone or tablet, you might start your search with Samsung.their range Galaxy S22 Mobile phones are consistently some of the best Android devices year after year, and Galaxy Z fold and Z flip A foldable phone that is sure to impress your friends.

Beyond smartphones, Samsung also makes great tablets for all budgets.up to date Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, S8 Ultra It’s extremely powerful and responsive, perfect for multitasking and working with the awesome S Pen.There is also a previous work Tab S7 model It’s slightly less powerful than the S8, but it’s just as good and cheaper. Third, Tab A8 model Often under £200/$200, good for watching shows and using standard apps and web browsing, but not for power-intensive tasks . Look for deals on all of these tablets at the retailers listed above during Black Friday.

Look for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets this Black Friday.

US shoppers should note:

Samsung Early Black Friday Headphones and Watch Deals

Adding Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and a watch to your tech kit can be a very challenging decision if you want to fully integrate into the Samsung/Android ecosystem, but they’re also great tech in their own right. I have.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are one of the go-to alternatives to Apple’s AirPods and AirPods pro thanks to the three different versions available.there is galaxy bud 2is available for around £79/$112 offering true wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation.there are more expensive Galaxy Buds Proabout £50/$50 for better sound, noise cancellation and battery life. Galaxy Buds Livea cheaper version with a slightly different shape and no active noise canceling, but with the same sound quality.

Galaxy Buds are a great option no matter what device you have, and with three options you should be able to find them during Black Friday. To find the best Galaxy Buds discounts, check out below :

And in the US:

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory for your Samsung phone, Samsung’s galaxy watch is what you are looking for. With body composition analysis, automatic workout tracking, and seamless connectivity with your phone’s favorite apps, Galaxy Watch makes it easy to track your daily activities without even taking out your phone. There are his two generations of Galaxy Watch, 5 and 4, to look for this Black Friday deals.keep an eye on Amazon About some of the biggest discounts.

With Black Friday rolling in at the end of November, there are tons of exciting discounts on Samsung products, so be sure to favorite this page and keep track of all the best deals leading up to the sale event. Also, be sure to comply with jelly deals In this account, we’ll show you the best Samsung deals during, around, and around Black Friday.

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