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Macintosh charger for iPhone! See how you can buy this adorable accessory

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Macintosh Charger for iPhone: This retro fast charger for Apple devices can be purchased from Indiegogo. Here are all the details.

Macintosh Charger for iPhone: You Apple Fans, this may be very interesting to you. Most people may know Apple on the iPhone, but decades ago it was the Mac that brought Apple into the limelight. And the original Macintosh is what enabled the personal computer as we know it today, and is therefore a gadget that has been highly regarded in Apple’s history. Then it would be cute to have a charger shaped like the original Macintosh? Thankfully, Indiegogo’s Kickstarter brand Shargeek has devised just such a product.

This is called the Shargeek Retro35 GaN Charger and was put into a Kickstarter funding campaign. The company is in sufficient demand to start mass production and sales. Book now as part of your Early Bird Offer and you’ll get a charger at the effective price of Rs. 1,960, which is a decent amount to spend on a cute charger. And it not only has a Macintosh-like shape, but also has working parts to give you that retro Mac experience.

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Macintosh Charger for All Apple Gadgets

Aside from the charger shape, which resembles a retro Macintosh, the biggest attraction of this is its small display, which is actually an LED light status indicator. The “display” is white when not charging, yellow when charging normally, blue when charging quickly, green when supercharging, and off when there is no load for 5 minutes. increase. You can put a transparent DIY sticker on top of this display for further customization. You can also put a “hello” sticker on the display or on the face of the emoji.

Except for the pretty design, this is a 35W GaN charger. That means you should be able to charge almost any Apple device. This means you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook Air and Pro models, and whatever comes with the new USB-C cable. The charger also supports PD 3.0, PD 2.0, Quick Charge 4, etc., so you can also charge non-Apple devices.

However, keep in mind that the charger is standard on US ports, you will need to purchase travel adapters from different countries, and there will be an additional $ 5 price.

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