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Likely Google Pixel tablet gets USI stylus support

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In I / O 2022, Google preview It worked on Pixel tablets next year, and such devices are now on the list of Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) products.

As the name implies, the Universal Stylus Initiative wants to create a standard for active pen input so that supported accessories work on all certified devices.Google Joined the company in 2018 Chromebooks that support USI are on the market today. Version 2.0 Arrived with NFC wireless charging in standard February.

The USI certified product list (via Nugis) Features a Google entry for a product that meets the “device” specification (rather than a “stylus pen”). “Tangor” – Hybrid of citrus fruits – Is the “product name” and the “model” is simply the “tablet”.

On stage, Google just said “Pixel tablet” aloud. I don’t know if “Pixel Tablet” is the actual brand name because “Pixel” and “tablet” are not displayed side by side in writing. The appearance of USI does not actually add supporting proof of naming or explicitly confirm that what Google has shown in the I / O is what appears on the certification list. That said, Google officially created only one such device.

It’s strange how early Tangor will appear in the authentication database, as Pixel tablets aren’t expected until 2023 (the list was added after January of this year. archive.org, And post I / O introductions are likely. ) This USI support is the first for Android, but some third-party devices will certainly beat Google to bring it to market.

9to5 Google Take

Assuming they are the same Also serves as a smart display It’s pretty curious to have an unannounced base / dock with stylus support. It will certainly give the device another sales offer, but it doesn’t fit well into the smart home story.

If you have a Pixel-branded USI stylus that needs to be recharged frequently, how do you get power from your Google tablet? USB-C or AAAA batteries are an option used by some pens today, but a more sophisticated solution is wireless charging. Does the Pixel tablet have it secretly, or is it backcharging another purpose of the pogo pin?

HP’s USI stylus

Meanwhile, the team behind Android tablet that is Interested in pen input Then, understand “what new apps will use people who may be doing stylus support outside the gate”. Pixel tablets have been teased as a catalyst for the momentum surrounding large-screen Android devices, making sense for first-party products that support the latest and greatest specifications.

Pixel details:

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