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Leaked iPhone 14 Camera Upgrade Should Excite Apple Fans

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A major camera upgrade is planned for this year’s new iPhone.

According to the report published by ET news, Apple is procuring new “high-end” front camera modules from LG Innotek (Korea) and Sharp (Japan). The new selfie camera, which has been suggested to appear on the iPhone 14 this year, is expected to bring improved features such as autofocus at a unit price that is “almost three times higher” than previous models. increase.

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Why add autofocus?

The news suggests that SELPHY’s performance will be significantly improved as autofocus is an expensive upgrade and is only needed if a larger image sensor or wider aperture is used.

Both of these features not only significantly improve image quality, but also reduce the amount of frames that can be focused at one time, requiring an accurate autofocus system. The autofocus upgrade is especially important if Apple retains the specifications of the rest of the front camera on the iPhone 13. Significantly increased costs Of the new component.

This is for all iPhone 14 models Upgraded selfie camera It has autofocus and a wider f / 1.9 aperture (compared to the iPhone 13’s f / 2.2).

Possible disadvantages

Not only are autofocus lenses more expensive and difficult to manufacture than fixed-focus lenses, but in some situations it can be difficult to get the pictures you need.

With an autofocus lens, the camera can choose which part of the photo to focus on, but it may not be possible to sharpen all of the photo at the same time. If you look at Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra with an autofocus selfie camera, you can see that this works.

Overall a slightly higher score than Dxomark’s Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Selfie test Samsung’s lens design, which is especially praised for its pleasing bokeh effect, can sometimes be a disadvantage. According to a Dxomark report, for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, a similar image taken with the iPhone 13 Pro “tends to have a slightly out-of-focus background subject in a group shot.”

However, if Apple understands this correctly, we can expect a significant improvement in the overall quality of selfie cameras when the iPhone 14 is released later this year.

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