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Jony Ive’s latest design masterpiece? A comedy nose!

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Jony Ive, designer of iconic Apple products such as the iPod music player, the Mac, the Apple Watch, and of course the iPhone, has unveiled his latest creation, a red nose made of paper.

But this is no ordinary red nose. It’s the “most perfect nose ever” and is made to “fit on your nose”.

It’s also the best-known symbol of the UK’s Comic Relief Charity, the organization behind the massive Red Nose Day fundraising event held each March and broadcast on the BBC since 1988. Donate, go to different causes.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose was previously made of plastic, but in 2020 we produced the first plastic-free Red Nose. Ive’s nose is made of 95% plant-based material, so to speak.

As the video below shows, the newly designed red schnose starts out as a tiny flat crescent and pops out into a honeycomb paper sphere.

Red Nose Day 2023 | Comic Relief

“We are proud to have grown with Comic Relief and to support their incredible work,” said Jony Ive. Said On Comic Relief’s site, “This new deceptively simple red nose is a small object so intricate in design and construction that the whole team was involved. It’s a small moment of joy for everyone who wears it.” I hope to bring

Since the launch of Red Nose Day 35 years ago, Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion (approximately $1.2 billion) for charity, with tens of millions of pounds generated from Red Nose sales. increase.Speaking of which, you can Get The Red Nose Designed By Jony Ive Here.

I left Apple after 27 years of great success at the company. Shortly after his departure, he founded his LoveFrom design company with his friend and longtime collaborator Marc Newson. LoveFrom said he worked with Apple on various projects until July 2022. In recent years, British designers have worked at ferrari, Airbnbs,Environmental Initiatives TerracartaIve also served for many years as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

Following Red Nose’s triumph, the Ace designers are no doubt sniffing out their next big project.

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