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iPhone 15 Pro Max Periscope Camera Specifications Show Up In Sketchy Image Leak; Reveals 1/1.9-Inch Sensor Size & More

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Apple is scheduled to unveil its iPhone 15 series at a dedicated event in less than a week, so it should be no surprise that a barrage of leaks will come forth, and while some of them are expected to be authentic, others will not be. On this occasion, sketchy information surrounding the periscope zoom camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has shown up, providing more details on Apple’s flagship that will be the only model in this year’s lineup to ship with this upgrade.

Aperture, focal length, and other details also mentioned for the iPhone 15 Pro Max periscope zoom camera

A Chinese product page showing the label ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’ has been uploaded in the form of an image by user ‘fenibook.’ Though the text is presented in a different language, the specifications are easy to check out, with the periscope camera said to feature a 1/1.9-inch sensor size, making it larger than the 1/3.5-inch telephoto unit present on last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The aperture remains unchanged at f/2.8, though the focal length increases to 85mm, compared to 77mm on Apple’s current flagship. However, using Google Lens, the machine translation reads that the aperture has been ‘reduced to 6mm to make characters appear delicately.’ A narrow aperture would capture less light, resulting in a more ‘grainy’ image, so we can assume that the translation was not accurate.

With the iPhone 15 Pro Max being the first ever model from Apple to sport a periscope zoom lens, the maximum supported zoom level was not mentioned in the image, and we believe that aspect to be one of the iPhone’s biggest strengths and a pre-requisite to be mentioned alongside the remaining details. Fortunately, a previous report stated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a maximum optical zoom limit of 6x, up from 3x on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so we look forward to seeing this upgrade and confirming if it is true or not.

As for the specification details of the periscope camera, our gut feeling tells us that the information is too sketchy to treat it as legit, so we recommend our readers to assimilate all of this data with a pinch of salt. With only a week left, we will fill you in on all the important details, so stay tuned.

News Source: fenibook

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