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iPhone 14 Pro and Redesigned MacBook Air Reportedly Stuck Using Technology Behind A15 Chip

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The iPhone 14 Pro“A16” chip is iPhone 13A15 Bionic and “M2“According to a reputable Apple analyst, chips Ming-Chi Kuo..

Earlier this week, a leaker known as Assuming “Shrimp Apple Pro” The iPhone 14 Pro model A16 chip is manufactured in the same process as the iPhone 13 A15 Bionic, and Apple could instead significantly improve the performance of M-series chips designed for the next-generation Mac.and Twitter thread Citing ShrimpApplePro, Kuo today confirmed these rumors about the A16 and ‌M2‌ chips.

Guo said that TSMC’s significantly better N3 and N4P manufacturing processes will not be available for mass production until 2023, so N5P and N4 are the latest viable technologies available in the new Apple chips launched this year. Said. Kuo believes that the N4 has no significant advantage over the N5P, the process currently used to manufacture the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13 lineup. IPad miniTherefore, Apple is reportedly planning to continue using the N5P for the A16 chip. Therefore, the performance and efficiency gains of the A16 chip over the A15 are “limited”, leading to the claim that naming the “iPhone 14 Pro” chip “A16” is “more marketing”.

Kuo added that it was redesigned MacBook AirAnother device, due out this year, is facing “the same technical limitations as the A16” on the N5P.He 2022 MacBook AirA complete redesign of is an “already a big selling point”, which could mean that boasting significant chip improvements may not be as important to this device.

Instead, Kuo suggested that Apple might benefit more by debuting the first “M2” chip in the next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. Apple was able to increase sales by calling the redesigned MacBook Air chip the “M2”, but with only a slight upgrade to the existing one. M1You may choose to save the name “‌M2‌” and upgrade significantly over the previous generation in 2023 to further enhance the Apple Silicon brand image.

ShrimpApplePro Previously claimed Apple is working on a “final SoC of the ‌M1‌ series” with an updated core. ‌M1‌, M1 Pro, M1 maxWhen M1 Ultra The chip uses the energy-efficient “Icestorm” core and the high-performance “Firestorm” core, similar to the A14 Bionic chip. Instead, Apple’s last ‌M1‌ variant is said to be based on the A15 Bionic with a “Blizzard” energy-efficient core and an “Avalanche” high-performance core.

Kuo earlier this year 2022 MacBook Air holds M1 chip Rather than having a ‌M2‌, rumors about Shrimp Apple Pro may be related to a newer version of the entry-level ‌M1‌. By offering devices with intermediate-generation iterations of the standard “M1” chip, Apple can save time before releasing a Mac with an “M2” chip.

Based on this information, the “true” and “M2” chips will not appear until 2023, and the chips of future devices such as the “iPhone 14 Pro” and the redesigned “MacBook Air” will be very similar to the A15.Also standard iPhone 14 The model is Rumored to hold the same A15 chip From the ‌iPhone13‌ lineup.As a result, 2022 could be another year Minor and repetitive Apple chip upgradesA larger upgrade is planned for 2023, thanks to the availability of more advanced manufacturing processes.

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