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iPhone 14 Max Reportedly Weeks Behind Schedule [Updated]

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The iPhone 14 According to Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Securities, Max is about three weeks behind schedule.

yesterday, Nikkei Asia report At least one “iPhone 14” model was three weeks behind schedule due to the impact of Apple’s supply chain blockade in China, but it wasn’t clear which “iPhone 14” model it was associated with. Now, Pu has stated that the model in question is the “iPhone 14” Max. This is Apple’s next model. iPhone This is expected to bring a larger display size of 6.7 inches to the non-Pro smartphone line.

Pu explained that the delay in the “iPhone 14” Max was due to Pegatron’s suspension of production, especially during the latest blockade in Shanghai. ‌IPhone14‌Max is not scheduled to go into mass production until late August. Probably a few weeks before the new iPhone lineup was announced at the Apple event in September.

Currently, all four ‌‌iPhone14‌‌ models are considered to be in the Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) phase of development. NikkeiSource. Normally, all new ‌‌iPhone‌‌ models will complete EVT and be in the verification phase by the end of June. Following the development phase of the new iPhone, Apple’s leading assemblers Foxconn and Pegatron enter a phase called New Product Introduction (NPI), during which the manufacturing process is sketched for the latest design. The NPI is followed by several final verification processes before mass production begins.

‌IPhone14‌, iPhone 14 Pro, And ‌iPhone14Pro‌Max will reach mass production in early August, a few weeks earlier than ‌iPhone14‌Max, according to Pu. It’s unclear if the delay will be slower than the other ‌iPhone14‌models ‌iPhone14‌maximum shipment, or if it’s just missing at launch. NikkeiThe time frame still depends on how much the iPhone 14 Max development process can be accelerated, according to sources.

Apple has reportedly instructed its suppliers to speed up product development efforts to make up for lost time before delays affect normal manufacturing schedules. Similarly, earlier this month, it was revealed that Apple had instructed Foxconn to start hiring workers. Assemble the iPhone 14 model faster than usual In fear that China’s blockade could lead to supply shortages and delays later this year.

update: Analysts after this article was published Ming-Chi Kuo Claimed that Apple has iPhone 14 shipping plan has not changed Model despite the blockade in China. He reiterated that the iPhone 14 Max is certainly behind schedule, but the situation is reported to be controlled and suppliers can work overtime to catch up. He believes that the challenge for the iPhone 14 lineup is “from the demand side, not the supply side.”

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