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India joins the EU is mandating USB-C charging for all mobile devices

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next footsteps India in the European Union has passed a regulation requiring the use of USB-C chargers for all mobile devices.

The announcement by the Indian Bureau of Standards, run by the Government of India, states: reportedly It was produced on Tuesday following consultation with industry stakeholders on standards, global supply chain constraints and product availability.

“BIS has notified standards for Type C chargers and the government will come up with two general types of charging ports for mobile phones and wearable electronic devices,” said Rohit Kumar of the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Singh Secretary interview in business standard. “Electronics manufacturers have globally integrated supply chains that will allow us to mandate the use of USB Type-C charging ports six months after the European Union rolls out standards for USB charging ports in 2024. There is broad consensus among industry and government that

USB-C charging should be supported in devices sold in India as of March 2025, 3 months after the EU deadline of 27 December 2024 instead of 6 months . Not practical. Like the EU, India cites consumer benefits and reducing e-waste as the motivations behind the decision.

The trend to mandate USB-C will affect many manufacturers, but one company in particular will be most affected. It’s Apple Inc. Most of the mobile phone industry now uses USB-C as standard, but Apple continues to sell iPhones that only support USB-C. It can be charged using the dedicated Lightning charger.

apart from Lobbying Attempts It seems Apple has been forced to switch to USB-C in defiance of EU regulations. Reports are back that Apple was preparing to abandon the Lightning port for USB-C charging Until 2019. report May suggests that the 2023 iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone to make the switch.confirmed by apple in October While it says it will make the switch, it doesn’t say when USB-C charging will debut on the new iPhones.

India is one of Apple’s key growth markets, with an overall market share of just 4%. record growthApple also started making iPhones in India in September.

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