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If this is the future of the iPhone, I’m sold

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Apple’s annual WWDC conference is just around the corner. This means that the next generation of iOS could come out within a few weeks. The last few iterations of the iPhone software weren’t very exciting, but if the next iteration is like a new concept of doing rounds online, I’m selling.

Concept artists share their own views on iOS 16 and offer many of the features users have been looking for, from live widgets to configurable lock screens. (Do you need the best iOS experience available right now? Check out the best of the day iPhone 13 deals.. )

Widgets were a welcome addition to iOS 14 in 2020, but it soon became apparent that widgets weren’t very user-friendly. All widgets are now suitable for displaying information because they cannot interact. but, Nicholas Gigo’s (Opens in a new tab) In concept, widgets are completely interactive, allowing actions such as playing and pausing music.

Interactive widgets can be game changers (Image credit: Nicholas Ghigo)

There is also a always-on display. Even if the iPhone itself is in standby, some details will remain on the screen. This means that you always have access to information such as notifications, time, and battery.

iOS 16 concept

The always-on display may always show information (Image credit: Nicholas Ghigo)

Elsewhere, one of the simplest and most requested updates is the customizable lock screen. The two icons at the bottom of the screen have been limited to the torch and camera for years, but Ghigo’s concept is to switch these to other features such as enabling silent and accessing messages. It is assumed.

iOS 16 concept

Lock screen icons are currently limited to torches and cameras (Image credit: Nicholas Ghigo)

While these may seem like just a quality of life improvement, they can seriously enhance iOS, get rid of quirks, and add features that users have long requested. We’ll see what’s coming next month over time, but one thing is certain: the better the iPhone, the better the iOS experience.With that in mind, take a look at today’s best iPhone 13 deals below and check out our main summary. Apple Deals..

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