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How to use Apple Pay

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If you’re using an iPhone, Apple Pay is the easiest way to initiate contactless payments. Not only is the digital wallet service free to use, it is already built into your mobile phone.

Apple Pay works by allowing you to add a digital version of your debit or credit card to your wallet app. Once set up, you can use Apple Pay to make online, app, and direct purchases without having to carry around a physical credit card, cash, or another wallet. You can also use Apple Pay to send money to friends and family via the messaging app. In some cities, you can also use Apple Pay to replace your public transport ticket.

Apple usually describes Apple Pay settings the first time you launch a new gadget. However, if for some reason you didn’t, here’s all the information you need to know to get started and tips on how to use it.

Apple Pay settings

You can play with the settings in the Wallet & Apple Pay menu.

Regardless of the device you set up, the first step is to always check if your device is compatible. For iPhone, all models with Touch ID or Face ID, except iPhone 5S. You can also use Apple Pay on certain iPads with Touch ID or Face ID and all Apple Watches from Series 1 onwards. Mac models with Touch ID may also support Apple Pay.In either case, you can check if a particular device is eligible Here..

Next thing you need Supported credit or debit cards And the Apple ID that signed in to iCloud. If you’re not signed in to your Apple ID, you may be prompted to sign in during the setup process.

For iPhone

To add a card to your iPhone:

  • Open wallet App.
  • Tap the + button.
  • under Available cardsselect Debit or credit card..
  • Tap continue..
  • From here you can take a picture of the physical card or manually enter the card details.
  • Check the card details.
  • Tap Agree To terms and conditions..
  • Select whether to make the added card the default card.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, you’ll be asked to add the card to your device. You can also do this later.

Doing this on your iPhone makes it much easier to add the same card to your entire Apple device. Therefore, it is recommended to add the card to your iPhone first.

You can also use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

On Apple Watch

When using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, first check the following: I have enabled my passcode.. This is a mandatory requirement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay on your Watch.

To add a card to your Apple Watch:

  • Open clock The app on your iPhone.
  • hit My watch tab.
  • Scroll down Wallet and Apple Pay..
  • From here, you can perform the same steps as above.
  • If you have added cards to your iPhone before, they should be listed below. Other iPhone cards..Tap addition Click the button next to each card to add it to your watch.
  • Check the card details and you’re done.

For iPad or Mac

On iPads and Macs, you can use Apple Pay to buy things online or in the app, or send money via the messaging app.

To set up Apple Pay on your iPad or Mac:

  • Move to Setting (IPad) or System Preferences (Mac).
  • select Wallet and Apple Pay..
  • select Add a card..
  • from here, Old card It will be displayed below the available cards.
  • Select the card you want to add.
  • Tap continue..
  • Check the card details and you’re done.

Using Apple Pay

It should take some time to sort the settings before you start whipping the phone for payment. If you have multiple cards in your wallet app, you’ll need to take the time to specify the default card. Also, if you want to send and receive money with the messaging app, you need to activate your Apple Cash card.

By default, when using Apple Pay, Apple also requires some kind of two-factor authentication. Therefore, you need to enable a passcode on your Watch or have a device that supports Touch or Face ID. However, if you want to avoid it, you can also specify an express transit card.

I’m not going to tap the iPad for contactless payment devices, but I can use Apple Pay when shopping online.

To access these options, go to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay On iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. For Mac System Preferences> Wallet and Apple Pay..

There are multiple ways to use Apple Pay, but most people may be using this service on their iPhone or Apple Watch.As far as you can see These symbols If you want to use Apple Pay, you can go.

Pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch

To pay using an iPhone with Face ID Double click the side button.. Then you’ll see the default card and the phone will try to authenticate you using Face ID. If you cannot, you may be asked to enter your passcode. The process is the same for Touch ID phones, except that you place your finger on the Touch ID button to authenticate.

On Apple Watch, you can also double-click the side button to display the specified card. Once that’s done, hover over the phone or monitor your contactless payment reader.

If you want to buy something from the app or the Safari website, just click the Apple Pay button at checkout. From there, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your ID via Touch ID or Face ID, depending on your device. Once that’s done, check the card you’re using and your payment information.

Send money by message

To send money by message, you and the person you are dealing with must have your Apple Cash card enabled.

To send money via the messaging app, you and anyone you trade with must be in the United States and have your Apple Cash card enabled.You can do this on your iPhone by heading to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay> Apple Cash.. Once that’s done, you can link your bank account to fund your card. You can also return the balance on your card to the bank.

Once you’ve set up Apple Cash, simply tap the Apple Pay or Apple Cash icon in each iMessage conversation. From there, you will be prompted to enter an amount and you can request or submit a payment.

That’s all there really is. Fun shopping.

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