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How to stop spam messages on your iPhone with this almost-secret hidden switch

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Have you received a large amount of spam text messages? How annoying it is to be interrupted by an iPhone notification and make it yet another junk message. Here’s the secret: you can get rid of these using features already in iOS.

This is your way.

1. Open the settings

Scroll up or down until you find the message. Tap.


2. Scroll until you find “Filtering unknown messages”

This is magic. Turn it on. You’ll need to scroll almost three pages to find this, but it’s worth it.


3. That’s it

Now when you access the Messages app, you’ll see a tab at the top of the screen. On the left is “Contacts and SMS”, which contains messages from known contacts in your address book.On the right is the new[不明な送信者]There are tabs.


If you receive a message from a sender that is not in your address book, you will not receive a notification. Instead, it will be dropped on this tab.

caveat: With “Filtering Unknown Senders” enabled, it is very important to add all legitimate senders to your address book. Messages from numbers that are not in your contacts[不明な送信者]It will be displayed on the tab. If you’re expecting text from an acquaintance, be sure to enter it in your address book. Otherwise, you should scan this list to see if there are any new ones that need your attention.

Related warning: Gig workers at services such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, and InstaCart often use rotation custom text message numbers to contact customers during the shopping and pick-up process.If you expect delivery from any of these services, in the delivery window[不明な送信者]Check the tab.

reference: I have installed Verizon’s free junk call blocker, and it seems like a kind of help

This additional note is probably due to the fact that this feature is turned off by default in certain cases. For new iOS users using the Empty Contacts app, all messages will always come from contacts that aren’t in your address book. That said, this is a huge benefit and it’s worth paying a little attention to adding contacts who want to receive text notifications.

Let us know if you are excited about this new feature. How many spam messages have you received recently? Please share in the comments section below.

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