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How to Share Your Focus Status on iPhone or iPad

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  • If Share Focus Status is enabled on your iPhone or iPad, sending a text message will automatically notify you that you are using focus mode.
  • Focus (also known as silent) is a mode that mutes notifications and calls.
  • To turn on Share Focus Status, go to the Focus Settings page and tap Focus Status.

Focus function On iPhone and iPad (also known as silent mode), all notifications and incoming calls are muted, allowing you to say exactly, or focus. However, you can’t stop others from sending you text messages unless you let them know you’re in focus mode.

“Share Focus Status” warns people that they are using Focus

You can use the sharing feature to let you know in advance that you are in focus mode. When this is on, compatible apps will track when you’re in focus and automatically notify anyone who wants to send you text.

For example, in a message, when you open a conversation with you, you will see a warning that the notification is muted. You can then choose to send a text message informing you that it will be muted, or bypass focus to notify you.

In other words, enabling sharing also provides a way to ignore focus mode.Remember it if you definitely need to Mute all notifications..

An iMessage conversation that tells the sender that the notification is muted.

You may see this message if the person sending the text message has focus mode turned on.

Apple; William Antonelli / Insider

Apple claims that this feature works in multiple apps, but the only app we’ve seen is Message, which is a standard text messaging app. In addition, it only works if the person you’re sending the text message to is also using iMessage. If you are using Android, you will not see any warnings.

How to share focus status between iPhone and iPad

You need to go to the Focus Settings menu to turn on the sharing feature.

1.1. Open the Settings app and tap concentration..

2.2. Select the focus mode to enable sharing and tap Focus status On the page that is displayed.

3.3. Tap Share focus status Enable the switch at the top of the page. Flick to the right to turn it on.

Switches between the focus setting menu and the shared focus status.

Toggle the shared focus status switch to the right.

Apple; William Antonelli / Insider

From now on, if you send an iMessage while focus is on, you’ll be notified that you won’t see the notification.

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