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How to Make Incoming iPhone Calls Show as Full Screen Again

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In the latest version of iOS for iPhone, incoming alerts appear as small banners at the top of the screen while using the iPhone by default, but in earlier versions of iOS, incoming calls are full screen and they are very obvious. Yes, it is impossible to miss an incoming call.

If you or someone you know prefers to see old-style full-screen incoming calls, you probably don’t have a call or you don’t care about the banner, change the settings and you’ll see the incoming call You can revert to the old style on the full screen of your iPhone.And of course you make it the modern default Display as a compact banner You can close it with a swipe.

How to set the incoming iPhone call to display as full screen

Would you like to set the incoming iPhone call to appear as a full screen showing who is calling? This can be easily configured in the settings.

  1. Go to the iPhone settings app
  2. Go to “phone”
  3. Go to Incoming and select Full Screen
  4. Set incoming calls on iPhone to full screen

[設定]When you exit, the new incoming call will be displayed in full screen and cannot be missed.

The main drawback of using full screen as an incoming option is that you can’t swipe to close an incoming call, but it’s still possible. Send a call to voice mail immediately Double tap the power button or on the screen[拒否]Tap the button.

You can still Use the volume button to mute the call Rings without sending or rejecting voice mail.

How to display iPhone calls as a banner (new default)

If you want to return to the new default setting of displaying incoming iPhone alerts as banner alerts, you can swipe to close. This can be easily undone.

  1. Go to the iPhone settings app
  2. Go to “phone”
  3. Go to Incoming and select Banner

The “Banner” setting is the default for the latest versions of iOS, and the advantage of the banner style is that you can easily close the call by swiping without having to send the call to voice mail. This allows the device to be uninterrupted.

Which setting you use is entirely up to you and your tastes. For some users, the new banner style is great because you can keep messing around with your iPhone and easily close it while the incoming call is ringing, but for others, it gives you a full-screen view of the incoming call. It is better to make it larger. Missed and they prefer to keep their iPhone’s obvious phone features.

Please note that this change applies to all incoming calls to your iPhone from phones, FaceTime calls, or third-party apps with voice calling capabilities such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Signal.

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