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How to link and sync your Android phone with Windows 11

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Link and sync your Android phone with Windows

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Microsoft has long provided the ability to pair and sync your smartphone with your Windows computer. The idea is to integrate the two so that the PC can take over some of the functionality and content from the phone. This is a useful option if you don’t receive a call even if you’re in front of your computer. This feature is virtually non-existent on the iPhone due to Apple’s Walled Garden approach. However, it works well in the more open environment of Android.

By pairing your Android phone with Windows, you can use your PC to make and answer calls, read and answer text messages, view photos taken on the phone, and receive notifications.

You can also run the Android app on your PC on certain models of phones. The overall setup process is generally similar, but there are some variations between Samsung devices and other Android phones.

In my past experience, setting the first link has often been found to be clumsy and frustrating. However, Microsoft has since improved its setup to make it smoother, or at least it should. The Redmond people have also updated the old YourPhone app, which syncs and displays content between your phone and your PC. The app is now called PhoneLink and has a more user-friendly design.

Linking and syncing Android phones works the same on Windows 10 and 11, but there are some differences.Edbot I explained the process of Windows 10 Next, let’s take a look at how this works with the latest changes and improvements in Windows 11 in 2022.

How to pair your Android phone with Windows 11

1. On Windows 11, Settings> Bluetooth & Devices> Your phone..

2. Click the button Open the phone.. Then the PhoneLink app will pop up.

4. Click. let’s start button.

5. Confirm the account you want to use for this process and click continue (Figure 1).

Confirm your account

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6. On your Android smartphone, browse to the address www.aka.ms/yourpc.. You will now be prompted to go to Google Play and install an app called Link to Windows. However, on Samsung phones, this app is already built-in, so just update it.

7. Tap install Also update button.

8. Open the app and tap the button Link your mobile phone to your PC..

9. On your computer[Windowsアプリへのリンクの準備ができました]Select the check box. You can pair the two devices via a QR code or a manual process, but scanning the code is easy.

10. On your PC, click the button to pair with the QR code (Figure 2).

Use a QR code

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11. On the phone, tap continue It then gives the app permission to take pictures and record videos.

12. Point the phone at the QR code. When you scan the code, you’ll see a message telling you that your device is paired.

13. Tap continue With your mobile phone (Figure 3).

Link your mobile phone

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14. You need to grant permissions to the app to access contacts, make and manage calls, and send and view SMS messages.

15. You may also be asked if you want to be able to update the Phone app while running in the background. This keeps your text and photos up-to-date, but can affect battery charging. If you see this notification, deny or allow background updates (Figure 4).

Run in the background

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16. Complete the setup to link your phone and PC.

17. On your computer, click continue Then click Introduction..

18. You may be asked if you want to select a task to start the search.click skip Instead, go directly to the Phone Link main screen (Figure 5).

Phone link main screen

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Next, let’s take a look at each task you can perform on your computer with the phone linked.

How to send and receive text messages on your PC

1. Click message Heading to the top, you’ll see the latest text messages from your mobile phone.

2. Click the text to read it. To reply, enter a message at the bottom and insert an emoji, GIF, or image to add flare.

3. Click the following button to create new text. New message..

4. Enter the name, phone number, or email address of the person to whom you want to send the text.

5. Then compose and send the message (Figure 6).

Compose a message

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How to make or make a call on your PC

1. Click the heading call Then click let’s start..

2. You may be asked to enable Bluetooth on your phone. In that case, allow access, then check your PIN to complete pairing.

3. Then click the button Send permission Allows you to view recent calls on your phone in the Phone Links app on your PC.

4. Select the phone number of the recent call and[電話アイコン その番号に電話します。

5.新しい電話をかけるには、[連絡先]Enter the contact’s name in the field or dial the keypad number.

Incoming calls are displayed in the PhoneLink app on Android phones and PCs, so you can answer on either device. The app stays in memory and starts automatically every time Windows loads, so you don’t have to keep the app open on your PC (Figure 7).

Receive a call

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How to access photos

1. Click the heading Photo..

2. You will see all the photos you recently took with your Android phone.If not, click update..

3. Click on a specific photo to open, copy, save, share or delete in the Photos app (Figure 8).

Access photos

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Run the app

You can run the Android app from your PC phone, but only on certain phones. Of the various Android smartphones I’ve checked, only the relatively recent Samsung Galaxy smartphones seem to support this option. The Galaxy S8 was not covered, but the Galaxy S10e was. Microsoft’s Surface Duo also supports this feature. Just click on the app you want to access and it will pop up on your PC. You can also access the home screen of your phone and go from your PC to the home screen (Figure 9).

Run the app

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Show notifications

Then you can see the phone notifications on your PC.click notification Vertical toolbar icon on the left. The first time you do this, you need to grant permissions over the phone. Notifications are displayed in the left sidebar (Figure 10).

Show notifications

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Finally, you can manage linked phones with the PhoneLink app.click Equipment The icon on the upper right.[設定]On the screen, you can fine-tune different options in different categories, enable copy and paste between phones and PCs, and add or remove linked phones (Figure 11).

Access settings

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