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How to Add Reactions to Texts or iMessages on an iPhone

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When you respond to an iPhone text message, a small emoji is stamped so that anyone can see your feelings.

The iPhone messaging app has come a long way since its introduction. Memojis, GIF, and other features make it one of the best text messaging platforms available. Among all these fun features is the ability to add reactions to the received text.

Reactions are a quick and fun way to text messages and usually tend to make conversations more lively. iPhone features are reasonably compatible with Android and are more popular than ever. Now let’s see how to react to text messages in the iPhone messaging app.

How to react to text or iMessage

The process of responding to a text message is even easier than typing a text message.

  1. Open message On your iPhone, tap the conversation you want to open.
  2. Press and hold the text message you want to respond to.
  3. Pop-ups with different reactions appear in the form of emoji. These include symbols such as love, likes, dislikes, laughter, and exclamation reactions.
  4. Tap the reaction you want to send.
  5. An icon appears in the corner of the reacted text.

You can undo the reaction by repeating the same steps as above. Tap and hold, then tap the same emoji you’ve already added to remove the reaction. Instead of long-pressing the text, you can also tap the icon to open the same popup.

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If someone responds to your text, you will receive that notification.If you don’t want to be notified every time someone responds to your message, you can: Mute notifications for specific iPhone conversations..

Who can see the reaction to the text

Previously, reactions were only displayed properly to other iOS users. If you respond to a text message from an Android user, the response will be sent as a separate message instead. However, thanks to recent updates Android users can now correctly view iPhone reactions.. All they need to do is update their software.

Add some flare to your text message in reaction

If you’re too lazy to type text, or if you want to add visuals to your conversation to make it more interesting, message reactions allow you to continue the conversation without having to type a single word. Another fun feature available in the messaging app is the Memoji sticker, which allows you to communicate by becoming your own animated version.

How to create and use Memoji on iPhone

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