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How the Galaxy S23 copies the iPhone, and why it’s great

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Samsung has come under a lot of fire for copying Apple in the past, but in 2023, its tendency to imitate its biggest rival may prove beneficial to smartphone shoppers. not.Immediately after revealing the asking price of Galaxy S23 Trio, Samsung has announced that its former flagships will be officially getting price cuts rather than being forced off retail shelves.

Apple has been doing the same thing for years, and in fact it’s proving to be a smart move for everyone. With a reduced asking price of over $100, buyers can digest Less strain on your wallet and a premium to spend on your iPhoneOf course, it also helps that buying a previous generation iPhone doesn’t result in significant FOMO. That’s because Apple is typically very conservative with cross-generational upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy S22 White digital trends

This year, Samsung is bringing Apple’s official to Android phone enthusiasts.of Galaxy S22was originally on shelves with a $799 price tag, but now sells for $699 in the US. Should the average smartphone buyer care about the discounted Galaxy S22? Yes. In 2023, that trend will be stronger than ever.

surprisingly good value

Most of the time, every time I’m asked, “Which iPhone should I buy?”, it’s better to buy the previous generation iPhone instead of the more expensive current model. In addition, Apple keeps their phones in top shape with regular software updates for at least 5-6 years. Just over a week ago, Apple issued a software update for his decade-old iPhone 5S.

Of course, Samsung has never done that, and it’s unlikely that Samsung can match Apple in this area. But things have definitely improved. In fact, at least for its flagship product, it’s improved to the point where you can put your trust in Samsung to keep the phone running smoothly for his five years. For example, the Galaxy S23 will get 4 his Android OS updates and general software updates over the next 5 years.

iPhone 13 display viewed from an angle.
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The Galaxy S22, which debuted with Android 12, will be updated to Android 16. Currently running Android 13, and from my own experience, I can say that the One UI 5 skins offer a very rewarding smartphone experience. .

As for the phone itself, we had a love-hate relationship when we first reviewed it. The compact build is a refreshing and enjoyable experience, especially in the Android slab sea. The build materials are premium, the software is packed with intuitive features, and the camera is reliable.

My only complaints with the Galaxy S22 were subpar battery life and heating issues. During this year he made several system-level optimizations to address both shortcomings. But only to some extent. I used my Galaxy S22 for car navigation and lost about 30% battery in just over an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S22 punch-hole display.
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However, if your smartphone usage doesn’t include heavy 4K video capture or in-car navigation, this phone will last you a day. Moreover, the performance is top notch. I reset my Galaxy S22 and had a few rounds of fun call of duty: mobile At peak graphics settings. Surprisingly, the phone did not dry out.

Moreover, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip that this smartphone is equipped with is extremely fast. If you’re interested in the Galaxy S22, rest assured that it will easily handle whatever you throw at it for years to come.

Samsung roars into the pits

By dropping the price of the Galaxy S22 to $699, Samsung iPhone13 Exactly Apple’s territory. Comparing his two phones from yesteryear, Samsung’s device is the more compelling option, facing justifiable value heat only from Google’s superior offerings. pixel 7.

But let’s stick with Apple for now. The more expensive non-Pro iPhones lack the convenience of a telephoto zoom camera. On Samsung’s part, the Galaxy S22’s camera performance is also surprisingly good.The output is that the Galaxy S22 is OnePlus 10 Pro In almost every scenario, that Hasselblad insists.

I have a green Samsung Galaxy S23.
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So is the Galaxy S22 worth using as your next vacation shooter? Yes. In fact, it’s more versatile than that. iPhone 14The OLED screens on Samsung phones are beautiful and offer the perk of a 120Hz refresh rate. Where Apple has a meaningful edge is ecosystem advantage.

Where does this take Samsung’s budget-focused Fan Edition? We don’t know yet, but buyers won’t mind if it’s gone this year. Galaxy S21 FE 5Gwhich also arrived with a $699 price tag, but still offered a watered-down flagship experience.

With the Galaxy S22, Android flagship enthusiasts no longer have to endure a sub-flagship or budget flagship experience and pay top dollar for it. The new Galaxy S23 is still really tempting, but if you don’t have that kind of cash, the S22 is a better deal than ever. Strategy makes it even more affordable. This is a move that ultimately tip the balance in favor of the buyer and is a permissible imitation scheme.

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