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Hackers latest trick looks like free movie streaming

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Recent FIFA World Cup It has taken advantage of the popular game’s streaming demand to create another round of villains.

Instead of delivering links to legitimate viewing methods, decoys are sent to malicious sites that install malware on their devices.

That’s the problem with links to what appear to be free streams or downloads. Movies, videos and music sources.

Blind links can do more to your device than you might think.


Criminals and hackers around the world are on a mission to trick people into giving up money, personal information, or both.
(Kurt Knottson)

What are the risks of illegally downloading movies?

criminals and hackers Everywhere we want to make it our mission to trick people into giving them money, personal information, or both. They do this in movies and popular online entertainment. downloadable link It’s very compelling. People who end up clicking on them usually think they can consume what they want to see for free.

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In reality, many of these links contain all sorts of malware that give hackers access to your information. To make matters worse, hackers are working overtime trying to find ways for these downloadable files to sneak past any kind of antivirus software that might stop them.

What happens to my device?

Even if you try to download these pirated movies, the changes on your device may not take effect immediately. But eventually, you might notice your device slowing down a lot, apps opening and closing randomly without your knowledge, and even draining your battery quickly.

For example, going back to 2021, reason lab A new form of malware has been discovered that disguises itself as the latest Spider-Man movie to watch online for free. This is a malicious file containing cryptocurrency mining malware that can steal your device’s resources and seek out online currency.

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(Kurt Knottson)

Surprisingly, this app causes about 50% of MACOS malware — remove it now

Once a consumer downloads this file, the code filters out antivirus software from tracking suspicious activity and mines the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). You can imagine how much of a headache this was for someone who thought they were just getting the chance to see the movie. new movie For free.

How can I protect my device from malicious files?

The most important and necessary way to protect your device from all kinds of malware is to install robust antivirus software. Downloading antivirus software can scan any file on your computer for malware before you accidentally click on it.

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Is there a website I can use to check if a file is malicious?

yes it is called VirusTotal.com. This website is owned by Google and can scan for links to files that may contain malware. Just follow these steps:

  • Get a direct link to the download file, right click on the link[コピー]Select to copy. (Be careful not to accidentally click the link to open it).
  • go to VirusTotal.com
  • Click the URL tab and paste the link into the box
  • Press search to start scanning
  • VirusTotal will display the results

Additional Notes: If you use VirusTotal.com, run your antivirus in the background. Just in case I accidentally clicked on that link.


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