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Google’s new photo picker is now available on virtually all Android phones

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The company is backporting support to Android 4.4 KitKat

Google introduced a new dedicated media picker in Android 13. Rather than giving apps potential access to all your files via the familiar document picker, this new option provides a more private and user-friendly option if you want to share images. Google has successfully made this media picker part of Google Play Services. This means you don’t actually need to install Android 13 on your phone. In fact, Google confirmed backporting this feature to Android 4.4 KitKat, which was first released in 2013.


as part of Release notes for the November 2022 Google System Update Google covers what’s changed in the latest Play Services update, adding that it will enable “photo picker support back to Android 4.4.” This keeps the story as clear as possible and shows how well Google’s division of Android works. Rather than requiring a system update to introduce such a drastic change in file access, Google released it as part of the Play Services package nine years ago with the last update in 2017. I was able to push to the supported OS. This is even better than we previously expected. Back to Android 9 Pie only.

For media pickers, this means developers can adopt them into their apps much more quickly than they normally would. Developers don’t have to wait for most Android handsets to update to a version that supports this feature and can rely on the media picker to be an integral part of any phone running Play Services.

One of the first apps to make extensive use of the media picker is Google Voice. 9to5GoogleIn what appears to be a server-side app update, the new photo picker replaces the previous built-in solution with the one now part of almost all Android phones. Also switch to using the phone’s native camera interface instead of a homebrew solution. This should give you much better results. The photo picker is delivered as a server-side update, so it may take some time before it appears in the Google Voice app as well.

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