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Google Meet on Android may soon allow you to listen to YouTube music in a group call

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Latest apk — this is the Android app file format — Teardown by the 9to5 Google team ‘s YouTube Music app may be the next to join Google Meet’s ever-growing list of group activities.

Did you know you can group in Meet? Especially if you are using Android. Google Meet can now sync YouTube videos for group calls, so you can watch videos together. You can also play cards and trivia quizzes.

Our latest analysis of the YouTube Music app indicates that the service may be the next to join Meet’s capabilities. This is because some notable lines of code demonstrate this possibility. If that happens, users will be able to listen to music together using the YouTube Music app. This is what Meet already allows with Spotify.

How to do group activities in Google Meet

But how exactly does this work? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Let’s use YouTube as an example.

  1. join a meeting
  2. at the bottom[その他のアクション]open the menu
  3. click activity
  4. Select YouTube
  5. Bam! Just select your video

All participants then view the same content simultaneously during the call. This looks like a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, allowing users to choose whether a call or activity should be the focus. You will be warned if someone is running late due to a bad connection, so you don’t have to check on everyone. By the way, these steps are the same for all other supported features such as Uno, Kahoot, Spotify, etc., but they will require the specified app.

These group activities are made possible thanks to Live Sharing. This is a Meet feature available to all Android developers. Most apps can use this to at least sync and display in his PIP. However, interactivity is also an option, so it’s certainly exciting to see other activities available in the future.

But for everyone else who doesn’t use Android, the options are more limited. But sometimes it’s a little late, but putting videos and sharing tabs on Meet is always an option.We hope this fun feature will be available on more devices soon

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