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Google Fi says hackers accessed customers’ information • TechCrunch

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Google mobile operator google phi Likely related to recent data breaches security incident T-Mobile allowed hackers to steal millions of customer information.

In an email sent to customers on Monday and obtained by TechCrunch, Google said Google Fi’s primary network provider had recently become involved in third-party support systems involving a “limited amount” of Google Fi customers. It said it had notified the company of suspicious activity. data.

The timing of the notification, and the fact that Google Fi uses a combination of T-Mobile and US Cellular for network connectivity, suggest that the compromise is related to: Latest T-Mobile hackThe breach, which went public on January 19, gave intruders access to large amounts of personal data belonging to 37 million customers, including billing addresses, dates of birth, and T-Mobile account details. rice field. It’s the eighth time T-Mobile has been hacked since his 2018.

In the case of a Google Fi breach, Google may collect limited information, such as information related to phone number, account status, SIM card serial number, and details about the customer’s mobile service plan, such as whether unlimited SMS is selected. access customer information. Or international roaming.

According to Google, the hackers did not obtain any personal customer information or payment card data, passwords, PINs, or content of text messages or calls.

While some emails told customers “no action required,” at least one Google Fi customer claimed: Reddit post According to their disclosure, their phone number was temporarily hijacked. SIM swappingGoogle reportedly told customers that an intruder had forwarded their number for nearly two hours. During that time, they “may have used your phone number to send and receive calls and text messages.” This technique is used by hackers to access other online girlfriend accounts of the same victim, albeit hijacked phone numbers.

TechCrunch has asked Google if it can confirm that this incident is related to the recent T-Mobile breach, but has yet to receive a response. It’s not immediately clear how many of her Google Fi subscribers were affected by the breach. Google does not disclose the total number of mobile phone subscribers.

In an email to customers, the company said it is working with an as-yet-unnamed network provider to “identify measures to protect data on its third-party systems and to notify everyone who may be affected. It added that it does not have access to Google’s systems or systems overseen by Google.

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