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Galaxy 23 shunned major iPhone 14 Pro feature because tech isn’t ‘ready’

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when I start iPhone 14 Pro Last fall, Apple announced that users connect to satellite To contact emergency services when cellular or Wi-Fi service is unavailable.

was rumored to be Samsung Galaxy S23 will follow suit. But when Samsung unveiled his 2023 flagship in his Unpacked on February 1st, safety was nowhere to be seen.

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Sure enough, SOS technology is not included in this release. That’s because Samsung doesn’t think the technology is ready for serious time.

This is clearly an Apple-like approach, explaining Samsung’s lack of new features. The comment comes from Samsung boss TM Roh, CNET The company will be ready to incorporate satellite connectivity when the technology matures.

he said: [is] Of course, Samsung Galaxy, mobile division will also actively consider adopting this function. I don’t think this is the final solution for ensuring peace of mind between users. ”

Applications for this technology from Apple can only send short messages that are relayed to emergency services, not satellite phones that can provide voice communications. It’s more like a start than an end, led to already documented rescues.

Roh said there are other ways smartphones keep users safer than satellite connectivity, and that improving sensor quality and phone range is also important, he told the magazine.

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