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First to hack iPhone, tech prodigy joins Musk’s Twitter to fix search function

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the game recognizes the game, Elon Musk has since brought talent to Twitter. large number of layoffs at the social media company following his acquisition. George Hotz made a name for himself as one of the first people to break out or hack. iphoneparticipated in the “12-week internship”.

The move comes after Hotz shared images of Musk’s emails with employees, praising the attitude of the richest man in the world as the right way to achieve success. Critical comments have been received, with one individual stating:

Hotz decided to put his money on the line and offered to pay for his living expenses in San Francisco for a 12-week internship at Musk’s company. “It’s not about accumulating capital in a dead world, it’s about making the world come alive,” said Hotz.

Musk replied, “Sure, let’s talk.”

Since then, more details have surfaced about Hotz’s work on Twitter. He is working on improving the site’s search functionality. Hotz has him a month off.

While working to resolve this issue, Hotz shared more thoughts on Twitter’s advanced search feature and how it works.

He argued that “searching with modifiers within likes and seen” tweets is important, modifiers and advanced searches need to be better displayed, complete Towards matching text search and embedding”.

While many are excited about the latest additions, some have seen how they see Mask and how he treats Twitter has influenced their opinion of Hotz. To which Hotz responded, “I’m an intern trying to improve search. Any feelings you have about Twitter and Elon are not about me.”

“Welcome to Twitter!” Musk wrote in the same thread.

Hotz may have recently worked under Musk, but the innovator has had his eye on the tech genius for some time. Hotz, also a comma.ai developer, was approached by Musk for help. Tesla’s self-driving technology. However, at the time, Hotz felt Musk kept changing his contract, and famously replied to him, “I’m not looking for a job. I’ll get back to you when I kill Mobileye.” I’m here. Mobileye provides Tesla with most of its self-driving technology.

Musk’s most recent hire is a man who claims to live by morality. “I live by morals. I don’t live by laws. Laws are a fucking hole,” he said. Said Between New Yorker profile. They told Hotz when he was 22, Playstation 3 I released the software for others to use.

After a brief stint at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University. Hotz said he worked at SpaceX (one of Musk’s other ventures) where he briefly worked for four months.

Musk’s drive for excellence is reflected in Hotz. Pokemon The theme song is “I want to be number one, more than anyone else.”

It remains to be seen what will happen to the man with ‘Chief Twit’ hiring people who have annoyed him somewhat in the past. Tracking Musk’s Private Jet Also got a job on Twitter.

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