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Every breath you take, Google Assistant could soon be watching you (snore)

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Samsung mobile phones can even track your sleep habits and let you know if you snore. According to a recent decomposition, Google may be using a similar feature on Android to track the time spent snoring and coughing at night. It may end.

According to the APK decomposition performed by 9to5Google, a string indicating that recent versions of the Google Health Studies app have developed a “cough and snoring” algorithm within the context of Android for bedside sleep tracking. is included. Other strings indicate that the feature uses processing on the device to protect the user’s privacy for “nocturnal cough and snoring monitoring” and basically explain the feature in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Sleep detection data collected by NestHub, including snoring and cough details.

Google isn’t starting from scratch with this either.Nest hub Sleep sensing function You can monitor if you are snoring or coughing — it’s free now, but Part of next year’s paid subscription.. Fitbit owned by Google is Snoring & noise detectionUsing the microphone on your device (requires a paid subscription), snoring will tell you how long you’re sleeping.The Samsung health app Bundled with Samsung phones, you can monitor night snoring without a subscription.And popular Sleep as an Android app You cannot track snoring and other noisy night habits with a single purchase or subscription.It can also kick in Snoring measures.. If features are added to Android to counter such fierce competition, Google should plan to offer particularly unique (and free) features.

In that respect, it is not completely clear based on the context of the decomposition Where This feature may be used.Another string from the decomposition has a function Will Somehow it comes to some Android devices. Google may be planning to make this a Pixel-specific feature. Alternatively, you can bind it to an app such as Google Fit for use on popular Android devices. Also It can even be directed to other Android-powered products.

Esper.io’s Mishaal Rahman has this feature Ambient context API Added on Android 13. This means that the Digital Wellbeing app can be the place to display your data.

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