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Don’t wait for Black Friday, with Samsung Galaxy S22 phones up to $850 off right now

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Samsung offers some attractive trade-in discounts

Galaxy S22 series One of the best generations of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line for a long time. The S22 and S22+ take the tried and true design of the S21 and improve it with better specs and a smaller, symmetrical bezel.of Galaxy S22 Ultra Taking things a step further, they finally combined the S and Note lines into a single S Pen-equipped flagship. No wonder the S22 is on our list best phones from 2022If you’re in need of an upgrade and want to save some cash, trade-in promotions can save you up to $850 on the S22 series.


The baby Galaxy S22 is the hardest to recommend of the three. The S22+ is a different story, Scored 8.5/10 in reviewsSimilar to the smaller S22, the phone has a beautiful screen and an improved 50MP main camera that takes some great photos and videos backed up by a 3x telephoto and ultra-wide lens. Unlike smaller smartphones, the S22+ has a battery that most people will get her through the day with, and 45W wired and 15W wireless charging to keep it charged.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22
    Galaxy S22 All Angles Official (5)

    The Galaxy S22 is one of the smallest Android flagships and offers all the specs you want in a flagship, from great cameras to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The only downside to this phone is its weak battery, but the sacrifice is equal. If you have a suitable device to trade in, you can get the S22 now for just $50.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
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    The Galaxy S22+ takes the usual S22 flagship chip and great camera, pairing them with a larger display and a battery that most people will last a day.

Current, S22 $50 off can be combined with up to $500 off in trade-in credits.Together, it just lowers the price to $50, if you can live with the battery life, this is an absolute bargain.of S22+ See a massive $100 discount plus up to $600 more off trade-ins, $200You need something like the S21 or S21+ to maximize your trade-in value. If you have something like the S20+, it’s only $275.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultimate non-foldable flagship. The gigantic display is dizzyingly bright and smooth, with a moon-reaching camera and an S Pen that rivals the Apple Pencil.

Finally, we have the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is the phone I have been using as my everyday device since its launch day. Pairing the best S phone with the Note is a no-brainer, and I love every moment with the S Pen. Makes taking, doodling, reading and watching videos fun. On paper, the camera isn’t all that different from his S21 Ultra, but in practice, it’s faster and more fun to use. Samsung released his massive patch in June that almost completely eliminated the shutter lag problem. my favorite camera phoneAndroid 13 and One UI 5 have only improved this phone in the last few weeks and will continue to do so through Android 16.

Get $150 off your S22 Ultra with a trade-in, up to $700 off. If you’re sending a high-value device, we’ll take the phone down to $250. I regret pulling the trigger.

Please wait a little longer, you can sign up here Samsung’s Black Friday Early Access event kicks off on the 11th, promising lots of discounts across multiple products.

If you’re buying an S22 now, or planning to buy one soon, make sure you have the right case.These glass-and-metal sandwiches are fragile, so you’ll want to keep them clean for as long as possible. S22, S22+When S22 Ultra.

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