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Does Nokia Lumia hold up in 2022… at all? Windows Phone throwback!

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That was 10 years ago … iPhone 5 Android 4 and iOS 6 are current, but I loved Windows Phone, so spoil them. Also, if you needed a Windows Phone, you had to buy Nokia Lumia.

It’s hard to believe that Android and iOS weren’t the only smartphone camps we had in 2012. Windows Phone was a legitimate third option, if not as big as the other two. I’ve never had so many apps and never had a big adoption on my users … but it was very promising and appealing to me.

So, when I finished using my first Android smartphone I hate, I decided it was time to buy Lumia, especially after witnessing some impressive events promoting Lumia. I participated in the Nokia Lumia 800 Deadmau5 event, which was held mainly in London. It was sick, check it out:

Even before this fuss promotion event, I knew I love Windows Phone, thanks to the user interface (UI). It was very cute and minimalist and very timeless!

In the meantime, both Android and iOS seemed pretty terrible to me. And while it took a while for these two to look as beautiful as they are today, Windows Phone had a timeless look from the beginning. That’s why I wanted to try it.

However, there is a problem here. I was a broken kid, so I didn’t have a Lumia 800.Instead, I went to the store and bought the latest cheap Lumia that was there, and it was Nokia Lumia 510.. It just came out and it was my only phone for the next 6 months.

You and I will look back on how this budgeted Windows Phone 7.8 smartphone will hold up today 10 years from now …

The timeless UI of Windows Phone still holds up today

First of all, the Lumia 510’s 4-inch screen still looks great today and was even more impressive in 2012. This is an affordable phone. The other phones I owned before had a terrible screen viewing angle and backlight bleeding, which is … very good. And again – it’s a budget phone, no less!

Indeed, black is the main color in the Windows Phone interface, so it makes sense that the backlight of the display shouldn’t bleed badly. But here is the main surprise. This is a TFT display. This is a technology that is not very well known for its excellent viewing angle and pitch blackness. Still, at that time, this screen could have tricked me into believing it was OLED. I may have sold it a little too much …

These vibrant primary Windows Phone colors also pop nicely. Each app on the home screen is in a tile, and the rest of the apps are swiped vertically in alphabetical order. It’s that easy! cute.

To enjoy it, go to Settings> About to see the specs this mighty beast was running on.

And … it has 256MB of RAM and 2.88GB of storage. In addition, the phone is locked to Tesco, so at least it can’t be used as a gift for the elderly or children. Their SIM card.

The app store is a vast wasteland … just as it was in that “prime”

The app store is actually called the marketplace. This makes sense because it’s not just an app or game, it’s also a place to get music. Do you remember Zune? Is Microsoft trying to challenge the iPod and iTunes? Zune media players are by no means popular, but Zune names can be found here and there. Actually here.

Now, the “New” section is empty and the “Top Album” is empty, but the “Special Feature” section has 2016 songs. This may suggest that seven years ago it was the last time someone was hired to feature music here.

Sure, I couldn’t get WiFi to work well. I have tried 3 hotspots in 2 different places – no internet. Therefore, it is possible that the Marketplace could not be updated properly. Google’s home page opened several times easily, and it was all the web browsing I was able to get out of this phone in 2022.

Great battery life, this phone has made me do a lot …

While feeling like me iPhone 12 miniBattery life is exhausted before you run out of blinking time. The good old Lumia 510 is still a pretty battery champion.

And back in its heyday, unless GPS navigation is turned on, I truly remember that it lasted for a whole day and a few days. And to find a hotel in London, we needed that new and innovative GPS feature. Good thing I did before the battery ran out.

However, when used casually, the Lumia 510 always works well with battery life throughout the day. For example, I was listening to music on this phone every day and delivering newspapers for at least eight hours in a row.

I also talked on the phone! That was another novelty at the time. When I call someone on my phone or ask them to write a text message, it’s completely hands-free. I think it’s taken for granted now, but the voice commands at the time were great, new and exciting.

However, this phone doesn’t actually get Cortana. Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant is only available for Windows Phone 8 devices, and the phone was brand new when purchased, but was soon abandoned by Microsoft. There are no software updates and it will remain on Windows Phone 7.8 forever.

So, as I’ll explain next, I (consumers), like Google (developers), felt that they weren’t supported by Microsoft.

There was no YouTube app either!Google and Microsoft strengthen

Well, especially the Windows Phone apps were pretty bad. Google Removed that super popular YouTube app from the Windows Phone Marketplace … twice. Both times for Google’s dissatisfaction with Microsoft. Why Windows Phone has never been a “browser upgrade needed to achieve a full-featured YouTube experience”.

That’s why Microsoft is stepping into it, partially blaming Windows Phone for not getting many of the really popular apps. User recruitment wasn’t as good as Android and iPhone, so it wasn’t just that developers refused to bring their apps to Windows Phone. Windows Phone lags behind Android and iOS from a technical point of view.

In any case, the lack of YouTube was pretty ridiculous as it was one of the most popular websites in the world at the time and my most visited social media (-ish) site. Instagram also appeared on Windows Phone in 2016, just a few years later.

So what can users do if they want something popular like YouTube or Instagram, but aren’t as lucky as owning an iPhone or Android smartphone?

I had to dig into the deep, dark, and horrifying world of third-party apps … an app created by a small developer, usually of questionable quality, who claims to provide a YouTube or Instagram experience, but in reality. Often, it’s a simple web browser running. YouTube or Instagram mobile page … An additional bonus that you have to pay to actually use the free app on Android and iPhone and worry that an unknown trusted developer is stealing your account password there is.

What is Microsoft to date?Dual screen android phone

Until recently, Microsoft seemed to give up on smartphones after the entire Nokia Lumia / Windows Phone trial eventually failed. But recently, the company behind Windows has returned swaying with dual-screen Android phones. Microsoft Surface DuoAnd more recently – Duo 2..

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any hope of challenging Android and iOS with its own phone operating system, as it makes sense. So, of course, the new smartphone is running on Android with Microsoft Launcher.

Well, these phones are pretty expensive. These phones aren’t very popular either, so no one will be reading this, but as someone who loves unique and different devices (for example). Galaxy Z Fold 3), I’m rooting for Microsoft with this. I hope you don’t give up as soon as you give up on the Lumia 510.

Are you still nostalgic?

I know I am. But what do you know? By making your current Android Phone look like a Windows Phone, you can make it even more nostalgic. There are countless launchers in the Android app store that aim to make the home screen look like the home screen of a Windows Phone with tiles and the like. And they have been around for over a decade and are still kicking in today.

So you can be confident that the Nokia Lumia brand and the look of Windows Phone are still loved. We hope you enjoyed this look back at what was the only real challenger in the early days of Android and iOS. Really neat, small, cute and budgeted to run on the 2012 Nokia Lumia 510.

Will I get a new phone OS to challenge Android and iOS again? I don’t think it’s really plausible … what do you think?

Also, do you have your own favorite Lumia memories to share with us?

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