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Delete Your Android Web Browser’s Cookies, Cache to Quickly Remove Junk Files

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your Android phoneYour web browser can be cluttered with a lot of data, including files you don’t want to keep. Much of that data is stored as part of cookies and cache, whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet. This data helps the websites you visit, allowing them to load faster with accounts you’re already logged in to.

These fast loading speeds are convenient, but caches and cookies, along with random data trackers, are also where data accumulates from sites you visit once or twice.some cookies Track your browsing history They may also help us show you personalized ads based on your web history. For example, if you see an advertisement for a product you briefly browsed on a shopping website.

For this reason, we recommend clearing the cache frequently. You can delete unwanted data on your phone, especially if your phone contains unknown data trackers in your phone’s cookies. Clearing the cache is a bit inconvenient. You’ll have to log back in to some of your favorite websites, but it’s a small price to pay to keep your phone free from clutter.

The steps are slightly different depending on what kind of phone or web browser app you’re using. Below we explain how to clear this data for Google’s Chrome browser (which is often the default for many Android phones and google pixel line), Samsung Internet browsers (often galaxy phone series) and Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Check out our separate guide on how to do that. Clear cache on iPhone web browsereven if you have several Apple devices to organize.

Chrome for Android[閲覧データの消去]menu.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

google chrome

To clear your cookies and cache from within the Android version of Google Chrome, first [その他]button Tap the upper right corner of the browser (denoted by a row of three dots), then tap historyafter that Clear browsing data. You can also access it from Chrome setting menu, tap Privacy and security after that Clear browsing data.

We also offer Chrome Basic and Altitude settings to clear Browsing history, Cookies and site data and Cached images and files. You can use. time range Use the dropdown to choose whether to delete the entire history or select anywhere from the last 24 hours to the last 4 weeks to delete.tapping Altitude Also provides access to delete saved password, autofill form data and Site settings. Once you’ve selected what you want to delete, tap the blue clear data button. If Chrome deems a particular website “important,” you may see additional prompts. If so, you’ll get a chance to check it out before clearing it. Otherwise, if that prompt doesn’t appear, Chrome will immediately proceed to clear as instructed.

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samsung internet

Samsung Internet “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” options.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

There are two ways to clear the cache and cookie data of your Samsung internet browser. You can clear it from the browser itself, or you can clear it from your phone’s Settings app.

To clear with the Samsung Internet Browser app, first option button In the lower right corner represented by three horizontal lines, setting; scroll down and tap personal dataTap. Clear browsing data Gets a menu of options to remove.can clear Browsing history, Cookies and site data, Cached images and files, password and autofill form in any combination.After tapping Delete dataIf you click , you will be prompted to confirm your choice before deleting.

The browser app itself gives you the most customization of what to remove. However, if you want to access similar options from your phone’s settings menu, setting tap the app appthen scroll down and tap samsung internet after that depository.

At the bottom of the storage there are separate options. Clear cache and clear data. Tapping Clear cache I delete the cache immediately, but clear data A prompt will appear warning you that all data for the application will be permanently deleted, including files, settings, accounts and databases. No cookies are specified, but this “core” approach wipes out all remaining data and allows you to restart your Samsung internet browser like new.

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mozilla firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, you can clear the cache from within the Mozilla Firefox Android app. To access this feature, more button Located to the right of the address bar and represented by three vertical dots.then tap setting scroll down Clear browsing data.

Mozilla Firefox for Android[閲覧データの削除]menu.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

Of the three browsers discussed here, Firefox Clear browsing data From the menu, you can also remove existing ones open tabyour Browsing history and site data, Site permissions and your download side folder cookie and Cached images and files.

You can’t select a time range like you can in Chrome, but you can be more specific about what kind of data you want to remove.

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Firefox also has additional options for those who don’t want to keep browsing data after they’ve finished using the app.in the settings Delete browsing data on exit This option tells Firefox to wipe any combination of those same settings every time you quit the application. This is a useful feature if you want to keep your browser organized and don’t want to accidentally give your browser history to someone who might have stolen or gained access to your phone.

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