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Creating a rough draft with your phone –

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recently purchased light padNothing expensive — I just needed something to start taking pictures of the huge number of slides I have. It was. Since I bought it, I’ve been thinking of other ways to use it, but I didn’t have time to take it out. So I picked up a smartphone instead.

brainstorm ideas with a mobile phone

Today, I decided to play with my smartphone first. I didn’t want to take out a tripod, a camera, set up a lightpad, and all the rest of the stuff I thought I would need to make this project.

Enter your smartphone’s camera. In some cases, it’s quicker and easier to use. I put the light pad on my desk, grabbed the flowers, plants and leaves I had saved and started taking pictures.

save time

Using my phone helped me in minutes to get a general idea of ​​how this works and if it works. Easy and quick from one idea to the next I was able to move to Please call me lazy.

By using my smartphone, I was able to identify other angles that might have been a little more difficult with a tripod and a larger camera. By doing this ahead of time, your brain gets involved and starts figuring out how to make it work later. This saves time when you are actually shooting.

More freedom equals more creativity

Sometimes, when I’m using my cell phone, I don’t really think about it being a camera. So the technical side becomes less important and more about the creative process. It feels more fluid by moving from one song to another.

My mindset is to create my own shots without worrying if they are technically correct.

Create a draft on your smartphone

Think of this as your first draft or draft. Just like writers formulate ideas, dancers block their steps, and painters sketch underdrawings before they start painting, using a mobile phone helps sketch ideas for a picture. Creating subject research before embarking on art creation can be done very easily using her mobile camera.

Photography is no different than any other art form. There are endless ideas that need to be written down and planned. Being able to do this in the palm of our hands gives us the freedom to play more and keep imagining endless possibilities.

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